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Dear friends,
Due to rain, the meeting started at 5.30pm instead of 5pm.
6 pws were attended the meeting.
I taught the speech therapy techniques learned from Mr.Balasubramaniam and requested every one to repeat the same.
I asked one pws, an engineer who is searching for a job to practice the above technique continuously for 5 days (8 hr per day), then do it for one hour a day after wards. He has also agreed and let us see what he will do.
Though this technique may not cure stammering, I feel that it is very beneficial to the youngsters who are searching for jobs.
I emphasis to all the pws that we have to spend some time ever day like speaking to other pws, posting mail, speaking to the relatives, doing some therapy etc to overcome stammering.
That’s all from Chennai.
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  1. admin 9 years ago

    In adiition to the techniques mentioned I would suggest to cultivate the habit of smiling.Laughter is a great stress reliever and helps in speech fluency.Remember it takes 17 muscles to Smile and 43 to Frown.


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