4th Mini ComWS day 1

The day one started with some confusion and excitement. One participant arrived Herbertpur at 5 am. Another around 9.30 am. Local TISA group also came to participate, encourage and welcome the three outstation participants (2 from Haldwani, 1 from Delhi).

We started with intro in diads, then a writing exercise detailing our bio. Then we saw some videos, followed by analysis and discussion. Two case studies were discussed in small groups. We introduced “bouncing” and “eye contact” early and based some interactive games on these techniques. After lunch we tried to complete watching the movie “Unspeakable”. Being a Sunday, Siddharth and another child Sahil arrived with their families. The main group spent some time with the two children as well. By five pm, every one was quite exhausted because some pretty hard core issues re: stammering were discussed in depth: psychology of a stammerer; Is stammering a big deal? if yes, for whom? Can people really help themselves? If so, why dont they do so? What stops them? Is it something inside or outside of them?

After a cup of tea at Bheem’s at 6 pm, the group went with Pawan for their mandatory assignments of bouncing and asking strangers – any question, with feedback from Pawan, afterwards. Recovery from stammering is like opening of a flower. No one can claim anything. We can only look at it with love and wait..

We thank Anugrah (Herbertpur Christian Hospital) for providing us with excellent logistics free!

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2 thoughts on “4th Mini ComWS day 1


    (August 29, 2010 - 6:45 pm)

    Oh..I completely forgot about the date for the workshop and this post came as surprise 🙂 I must say a great start to the workshop and nice pics there..Good luck to all


    (August 30, 2010 - 7:22 am)

    these workshops are good for developing communication..I wish the team…. all the very best..:)

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