Herbertpur meeting

Sandeep Chauhan from Paonta was very frank: he gave up his LLB training because of his stammer! Sahil, a young child of about 12 was very shy, today, his first day. Surendra and Pawan and Nishu were also there in the meeting today. Surendra and Pawan helped by sharing their stories with Sandeep – and Nishu helped by working with Sahil.

Later, Nishu spoke to Zeshan (Lahore) on skype while I counseled Prahlad from a village in Haryana in the same room. It was a little confusing but we got it alright eventually! Zishan is full of initiative and spirit of Self-help. I wish there were more like him. He is just about 15-16, but he searched the web and came across a TISA video on youtube and sent an email to sachin. Since then, he has been very punctual and proactive in these online sessions. He is working hard and God willing, he will improve his communication soon, come out of the mindset imposed by society and do well in life.

Pawan and Surendra are inching their way closer to Vipassana, it seems.
Yesterday, Kishore spoke to both sachin and Zeshan on skype. See the pic above. This is certainly the friendly face of IT. Not to forget, it was Anuj who kept reminding me (sachin) that skype can help us with online counseling. Thank you Anuj!


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    Thanks Dr. Sachin…for your help.

    I find virtual self help group can be equivalently beneficial as the actual self help group…(I am associated with Delhi Self help group). If its not possible for a person with stammer to find a self help group in his/her city they can connect with me or many other stutters though internet on skype, or gmail voice chat and we can practice together and help each other…:).

    my skype id – kishore.1987
    my gmail id – kishore.bisht1987@gmail.com

    looking forward to meet many many new people..:)

  2. admin 10 years ago

    Kishore, I have to tell you, seeing you grow as a human being has been immensely satisfying. From a bumbling boy to a grown up, confidant adult, you have come a long way.

    I am proud to call you my friend 🙂


  3. admin 10 years ago

    Thanks Nitin sir, Its feel very encouraging getting a complement from someone who is with me since a long very time.

    I thanks many people in TISA from whom i get help and support.

  4. admin 10 years ago

    I second, Nitin. Kishore has been just like a younger brother, sometimes too naughty ;-). Well done Kishore. Keep moving.

  5. admin 10 years ago

    JP sir.. I wish to thank you personally…:P.

    ping me on skype or gmail.. when you are free..:)


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