Rate a therapist, win a block (of ice-cream)!

Readers have been asking TISA for advice as to which SLP should they go to or take their children to. So far our well considered policy has been to recommend either the therapist in a government hospital or self help groups (TISA or otherwise). Many PWS dont share their therapy experiences and therefore there is a serious dearth of information in this field. Whatever information is available is not by the consumers and therefore may not convince the newcomers. TISA is trying to change this by encouraging IPWS to share objective factual information as a “consumer review” to help others make an informed judgment. This is important in the light of the fact that stammering is a chronic (often life long) disorder, cost of therapy in private sector is high and concept of “cure” is debatable and still many providers advertise “cure” prominently. A typical seller’s market!

While sharing your review in discussion forum, you may follow this format:
Name of the city, therapist
Time of consultation (approximate)
Your assessment and rank on a scale of five, under four heads: 1. Attitude and Professional competence regarding stammering therapy (eg. Willingness to give time to understand your particular issues, and inclination to resolve those, Friendliness, Willingness to go the extra mile for a patient etc.)
2. Affordability (eg. fee, accessibility, timings etc.)
3. Follow up services (if any)
4. Will you recommend the therapist to others? And why. Please note the views expressed are writer’s own and TISA doesn’t necessarily endorse them. The idea is to share consumer information freely and fairly. See the first review put up by sachin in discussion forum: http://stammer.in/forums/topic/145-PUNESLPREVIEW-DrAjitHarsingani.html#p1142 THIS IS ONE WAY YOU CAN SERVE OTHER IPWS!!
TISA plans to collect & put up at least hundred such reviews by 22nd October 2010, the International Stammering Awareness day. You may either put them up directly in the discussion forum or send them to us, if you have any problem. First twenty reviewers will get two free self help books from TISA as a gesture of thanks.


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    This is good initiative by TISA.

  2. admin 9 years ago

    it will surely help to find quality SLPs.


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