Herbertpur: 26th Sept 2010

Today, Mukarram and Siddhrath (with his mom and aunt) came. We decided to have some videography and video feedback. In a child as young as Siddharth (7 years) it is often very difficult to differentiate between normal disfluency and abnormal ones. You have to observe carefully, minutely and know how does a “normal” child talks. In other words you have to have many hours of observation of normal interaction among children: how they blink a little whenever they are going to say something, the sudden shift of the gaze, the shy smile and hesitation- all this could be quite normal. Or all this could hide an inner struggle.
Later, I encouraged Mukarram and Siddharth to talk to each other and ASK questions. Later, the two ladies also were roped in- to ask quick questions, so that Mukarram could practice pausing before answering. In a nutshell, everyone had fun. Siddharth recently had his birth day, to which he had invited me! Wonderful opportunity to observe a child in HIS domain- and to observe his interactions.. but unfortunately, I missed his birthday bash!

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Post Author: Sachin