Is this “Acceptance”?

I came across a very balanced analytical therapy review at IPWS yahoo group (5712); one statement stands out:

“..ACCEPTANCE is the most important part, this is not taught in BAGCHI’S course..”

Why dont therapists talk about Acceptance?
Is it because if they did so, the client will run away saying: If I had to accept my stammer, why would I come to you and pay? (remember, big money is involved here!)

Why would a client react like that? Why would he not listen?
Is it not because he is convinced that a “cure” is round the corner?

And how did he, the client, get this idea into his head that there is a cure?
Because all the therapists say so!

How did the therapists get this idea that there is a cure?
Because so many client go around looking for cure- so there has got to be a cure! Secondly, law of demand and supply kicks in: if there is demand for “cure”, supply will come forth from enterprising therapists, pharmaceuticals industry etc.!

So are we to blame ourselves only- while the therapists smiles like indulgent pot belly Buddha?

Peter Reitzes’ interviewed Janus’ Speech Easy CEO Alan Newton sometime back and this is what Tom Weidig has to say about the upshot of that interview:

So actually the real driver of the cure industry is not really Speech Easy, Oprah Winfrey, or some dubious therapists, but ourselves! We want the cure, and we want it sooo badly. We want to do what everyone else can do.. (link)

So what do you do now- you lost your money, you have no “cure” yet and you are heaped with all the blame for the mess in which you are today! 99% of us will hang the head down and quietly go home and try to forget the sense of shame, outrage and injustice. And the “business as usual” will go on, thanks to us!

But there is another option: Write about it, talk about it, question it. TISA wants you to be in 1%. ACCEPT that you stammer but dont accept questionable services, un-ethical services and outright cheating trough false claims of cure etc. etc. For God’s sake, dont be too ACCEPTING..

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  1. admin 9 years ago

    I seriously advocate TISA's philosophy. and Thumbs down to the cheaters out there!


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