Day 1 Pune Communication WS 9th Oct 2010

Presentations by participants.
Kishore’s message from Italy!

Total 15 participants; Mostly IT background. Locals. Two from Mumbai. All men. JP and Sachin acted as facilitators.
We started with 10 min silence for those children who have lots to share but can not..
Then Introduction round facilitated by JP. Then, Ground rules discussed by sachin.
Kishore’s video message was shown to inaugurate the wokshop:
Participants expectations on yellow paste it notes was put up on a white board and then analyzed by Sanjeet. Old timers shared basic techniques then: eye contact, pausing, bouncing, voluntary stuttering, etc. We had practice rounds- including vol. stuttering and funny moments.
Then we shared some articles from ISAD in pairs and the participants made presentation based on these.
For lunch we went to stylish food court of Infosys: challenge was to practice some bouncing on a food item with cash clerk: see the picture above of Bhaskar taking a shot at it.


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  1. rahul raut dessai 9 years ago

    congrats pune shg for hosting the first workshop at pune…………
    hope you'll could accomdate more participants……..neway…….waiting to read more reports and stories of change in the coming days……..

  2. Devang Modi 9 years ago

    Finally we had communication workshop arranged. What we waited since long back.

    Its really good things we did in workshop like voluntarily stuttering, acceptance, Bouncing, Prolongation.

    We also played good energizing games.

    It was really good for stammerers rather attending session in speech therapist's clinic and wasting money.


  3. admin 9 years ago

    Hi Rahul, it is the third workshop in Pune. And next time please register in time as all TISA workshops can accomodate only 10-15 participants. As that is the ideal number for good group dynamics. Better luck next time 🙂

  4. admin 9 years ago

    a show well conducted, congratulations to all who made this event a grand success.

  5. vivek 9 years ago

    The communication workshop conducted by TISA (The Indian Stammering Association) on saturday-sunday at infosys was very interesting and illuminating experience for me.
    We learnt so may aspects of stuttering, the techniques which can be used to good effect when you communicate like bouncing, pausing, prolongation, voluntary stuttering and so on & so forth. The presentation round and approaching strangers and using the techniques while asking for their feedback on PWS was a very nice experience for me as well.

    Looking forward to next 3 days of workshop which will be conducted this friday-sunday.

  6. vivek 9 years ago

    The 1st day of the workshop was really cool. Dr. Sachin in nothing less than inspiring like this guy who has inspired many IPWS.

  7. rahul raut dessai 9 years ago

    oh i didd'nt knew…………i thought this is the first workshop in pune…….
    hey JP, my luck has favoured me……harish told me that Dr. sachin has called us to pune……waiting to meet you'll.

  8. Anonymous 9 years ago

    can some one suggest some exercises at home , which helps in stammering ..



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