My Experiences with Therapists

Friends i m here again to share my experience with Therapists

I have taken 2 times therapy in Gwalior(MP) for 4 months with the same therapist(at that time he was the only one in Gwalior) and that time i was very fluent.But after some time i felt again stammering problem(i Accept: i was also lazy with my practices) .i talked with my therapist & he said if you feel problem with certain characters just skip them.i followed what he said but after some time i felt that there was something wrong(Mein apni prblems se Bhag Raha tha).how can you skip what you want to say or KAB TAK.
I tried every thing to cure my stammering & after some time i read about S.A. the famous therapist from Delhi.He was the only hope for me.i called him from Gwalior & he said come to Delhi.

i was searching job at that time(had failed in 8 interviews because of my stammering) .i went to Delhi & met mr. S.A.when i entered in his clinic the receptionist charged 400 Rs as consultancy fee.At the first impression i felt he was a very polite person.he asked everything about myself.i was very impressed with him.But at the end whatever he said i really shocked.
He Said ……………………………………….
“Give me Rs 25,000 /- Cash(not cheque) & i will cure you definitely .Its like one year Theka “
and i said Sir can i pay in 2 installments because i dont have 25000/- at this time.He said noooooo jab paise ho tab aajana.i will cure you.

with my experience i want to say beware from this kind of Therapists.they are doing pure Business.they know a Stammerer can do everything to cure,But friends we can only cure with our self confidence & hardworking. la vie est pleine de plaisir……………. enjoy 🙂

Best of luck


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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Thank you, Vaibhav. Excellent. We must share our experiences so that others can make better informed decision.
    Keep sharing.
    This is invaluable "sewa" to the IPWS community..

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Can't WE do something more under the banner of TISA to expose such frauds who are cheating the innocent PWS and playing with their emotions? There are 2 such therapists in chandigarh who are fooling people.I am sure others can also add in the list from their Regions. Can't we post a list of such cheaters in TISA site advising people to be careful of them? Please come out and speak.

  3. admin 9 years ago

    Yes Jasbir, you are right. Let me discuss it with people and see if we can have a dedicated section on TISA's website for therapist's reviews. Regarding therapists in Chandigarh. Expect a review from me about Mr. Dayal Chabra by today night. and another therapist Mr Ajit Harisinghani by tommorow.

  4. romi 9 years ago

    Hey JP i know one therapist In Mumbai too his name is DR. Dhariyani n ya i must say hes a speech therapist as after using the badam rogan oil i lost my confidence but stil hats off 2 stammering as she was always der wid me……….

  5. admin 9 years ago

    Thanks JP for the support. Please work on it. I am there with you. I believe its only question of initiation. Once we start others will fall in line. When are you coming chandigarh? Please give your cell no. We have to work for chandigarh communication meet also.


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