A slice of life in Pune- Day 5

The morning on the roof was glorious! High rise buildings, topped by dish antenna – hemmed in by humbler dwellings of people who work in these buildings: delivery boy, driver, kam wali bai etc. etc. Dualities of life are never too far as a reminder in big cities. There has been rain in Pimpli Chinchwad area nearby, so morning was a little chilly. Still, it was nice to get the top-down view of life from our multi storey building. A child crying, chicken fighting, screeching of breaks on the nearby highway, a dog barked somewhere- various sounds wafted up like scents in the balmy morning. May be after all, it is possible to be happy for no reason…

Devang and Mahesh came in the evening and I got a glimpse of the struggle, many young IT graduates have to go through to get a job, in spite of a good degree. Some of it was hilarious and some, hair-raising! The picture is further compounded if you have stammering. HR has no clue: sometime you are simply asked to leave; No second hearing, however good you may be technically. At other times, people interrupt you and offer you water! There is concern but no understanding of the issue and how to help appropriately.

I wonder what would they do, if a candidate actually had a fit, choking or fell down during interview? What would they do? Put a stapler between his teeth, I guess. Or may be make him smell a slipper or shoe? Yes, that is how fits were treated by uneducated people in the past..

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1 thought on “A slice of life in Pune- Day 5


    (October 14, 2010 - 1:28 pm)

    great beginning with a touch of philosophy 😉 . A poignant and cynical end though. besides slippers/shoes/socks, people tend to put keys (metal) etc into the victim's hands.

    nice one all in all, thanks sachin.

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