From Peerbhai!

About a year ago I also did stumble upon EFT and I agree with you that it is fun to work with. In fact I had uploaded the EFT manual on IPWS website (file section) on 21/10/2009. From what I read and saw on You Tube videos – it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to practice once you have mastered the technique. In particular see Brad Yates on Youtube. This guy is simply awesome. He has lots of videos on Youtube.

You must watch his 7 minutes video (web link below) -Tap O’ the Mornin’ with Brad Yates – EFT. A great way to start your day.

This 7 minutes video will give you an idea what EFT is all about.

And the results by other practitioners are just fantastic from what I read and seen on the net. In fact they have a 1 page write up in the EFT manual on a lady army sergeant who has speech impediment and has fear of public speaking. After using EFT her fear comes down from 10 to 3.. This example is mentioned on page 36 in their free EFT manual – 79 pages. The manual can be downloaded from IPWS website – files section – See link below : (16 from the top – 617 kb file) I think the EFT technique is worth exploring by other PWS. I am sticking to Brahmavidya. And Prakhar, I am happy to learn that you are continuing with your lessons in Brahmavidya. Hope one day you too will motivate other PWS to join this affordable course to get positive results. Regards, Peerbhai
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