I and dr kshitiz was trying to meet since long time, finally we met tomorrow in my residence and shared our experience regarding stammering, he told me about his vipassna course, speech therapy, problem due to stammering and how he face them .i told him about my long 12 year battle with my speech from homeopathy to TISA via acupuncture and speech therapy. We both had taken vipassana so talked lot about it and its effect on stammering and we both agree that vipassana can be helpful for stammers….. But only if one practice it regularly at least for six month. As a pws i am worried about marriage (means how to tell girl about this and will she accept me with this from her heart)..kshitiz told me his experienced regarding his marriage …g8t help We talked about dr sachin ,peerbahi , Mani Maran, fine working of Chennai , Pune chapters and others ……. We both had applied from brahmavidya correspondence course ……… decided to meet more often to discuss brahmavidya breathing exercise and meditation……………. At last, when I was about to post our meeting details, I came not know yesterday was International Stuttering Awareness Day, ISAD Hurreyyyyyyyy I stared my first tisa delhi meeting on such g8t day….surly god is planning something good for me


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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Lalit- this is great. Starting on ISAD. You are on right track. Just keep sharing- so that others too take the path of acceptance seriously. And learn from you.

  2. admin 9 years ago

    God has already planned greater things for you, may be you are realizing it late. Keep it up.


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