What is diability?


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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Amazing video! But there is one thing: people with a missing organ (limb, sight etc.) get used to the absence of that function early in life and move on to compensatory mechanism: using other senses or parts of the body. But with us, the stammerers, we are not sure even at 50, whether we have a disability or not: "But just now, I spoke fine!". We are always confused: am I a normal person- or am I a stammerer?
    This confusion easily slips into whole scale DENIAL. This is why we keep postponing any effort to address our problem. We keep hoping that – may be it would just go away on its own one day. May be it would go away if I dont talk about it. The result of all this is quite obvious.
    But this lady, knew exactly where she stands- and has taken necessary steps to compensate, retrain her legs and live her life fully.
    Will PWS ever do that? 🙂
    BTW- the baby looked so cute, getting his/her head patted by mom's foot. It will never need to touch mom's feet, as a separate act, like Indians..

  2. admin 9 years ago

    sachin, you addressed a very valid point. PWS is always confused whether he has a problem or not, denial is a result of such confusion.


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