Progress: Legal recourse

I am in Nainital Highcourt. The Samadhan Collective of Human Rights advocates are helping us. The petition is final and would be put up for consideration soon. Our arguments are based on some of following concerns:

  • Such movies (based on the promos seen at Youtube and on TV) will promote teasing, harassment and discrimination against children and people who stammer. This problem is already there in society and it would further be worsened. SLPs know that teasing contributes greatly to development of stammering in growing years.
  • Such depiction strengthens the idea that it is okay to tease people who are different- that it is okay to ignore the emotional hurt it causes to people concerned.
  • It promotes the stereotypes (not the scientific facts) about PWS- they are dull, slow witted etc.
  • It promotes questionable kind of content and humor in a very powerful public media (Censor board should have been more thoughtful and proactive)- thus lowering morals of the society, as to what behavior is okay and what is not.

We hope to create a society which accepts and acknowledges the diversity, with which we are born or which we may chose, later in life, based on our discretion. A society which is more inclusive and creative.

Our online initiative is doing very well. But we cant sit back..Keep writing out, talking about it and doing whatever you can..
TISA thanks all of you for your support and prayers. And EXPECTS more!


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    All the best Sachin Sir!!!
    We're all looking forward to it for a better society & better life.

  2. admin 9 years ago

    that's welcome news sachin. you are THE trailblazer that IPWS were looking for so long 😉

  3. admin 9 years ago

    My all good wishes for the legal recourse being taken in Nainital High Court through Samadhan. I fully endorse it and I am there for all the support for our cause. No one should be allowed to play with our emotions . This is the right opportunity to have world's attention and media. We should use this opportunity to tell the world that this is our problem and we are fully capable of taking care of ourself. But at the same time playing with our emotions will not be allowed which amounts to cruelty. Earlier enough has been done in movies in the name of stammering. But it is now time to say a BIG NO. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  4. lalit pandey 9 years ago

    thanks to all tisa members to initiate a process for better future of pws.
    no body has right to play with ones emotion .

    tisa tum bade chalo hum tumhare saath hai

  5. admin 9 years ago

    Thank you Dr. Sachin and TISA family for all your efforts, we will surely get the judgment in our favour.

    United we stand.

  6. admin 9 years ago

    We have a voice.
    Together and United.


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