I am wrong, wrong, WRONG..

If therapy fails, it must be my mistake..
If I fail interview, I should have spoken more carefully..
If people ridicule me, I must have given them the reason..
If I dont get the promotion, it must be my mistake..
If I am teased, I should not protest- I should act “mature”;
I should take it “gracefully”..
If teacher did not ask me any question in the class, he must be in a hurry..
If people hurry me, they must be short of time…
If they smile when I talk, they could not have helped it..
If they imitate me, they did not mean anything; I should not feel bad..
If they caricature me in a movie, I should not protest-
Why should we deny people “Good” entertainment??
If I dont ask question, it is okay- because silence is golden!
Because- They must be right; I must be wrong.
They must be right; I must be wrong.
I must be wrong, wrONG, WRONG..

Our protest against the portrayal of stammering in the movie (Golmaal 3) gave rise to all kind of reactions outside and inside the IPWS community. Some reactions inspired me to write the above poem. It represents the ultimate degradation caused by stammering.. It is the ultimate insult to our intellect, our spirit..
God, please save us from this!!


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  1. rahul raut dessai 9 years ago

    "Dr. sachin aage bado, hum aapke saath hai"

  2. rahul raut dessai 9 years ago

    sir, we are not wrong anywhere.
    we are not arguing if we are teased because we know that "arguing with a fool proves that there are two fools".

  3. admin 9 years ago

    Not every time,some times we all felt that way.we've to get so called matrure.but at what extant?
    Outside world they don't care what we're going through?
    Inside world crying in full volume to make people to just realise what we are going through.
    Is it a dead end?
    Not yet.
    We know how to rise from the hard ground.

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Simply Superb… This poem really represents the plight of a PWS, and how he/she degrades him/herself because of the reactions of the outside world. So true… If therapy fails, we are blamed, If we are rejected in interview, we are blamed, and If we protest.. again it's we who are blamed….

    It's time to pay attention to our own selves…. and not to others… If we don't do it now then we will continue to be "WRONG, WRONG and WRONG"


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