Shall we watch Golmaal 3?

I was planning to watch Golmaal 3 so that my opposition to the treatment it gave to stammering, would rest on a stronger footing. Of course, the promos which I have seen on you tube, is enough to DAMN the movie, from my point of view: making such crass fun of disabilities is unacceptable in this day and age. We deserve more creative, inclusive and mature humor, as a society.

Then, I saw this review; I am quoiting some parts. This main stream review further proves (if at all needed) that it is a poorly made pathetic movie, out to make some money – because, I guess, the movie maker assumes: viewers will consume anything during festival season!

“Negative Points: I am helpless and not able to understand from where I have to start! Bollywood is trying triple sequel for the first time ever with Golmaal 3 and one feels sad that we are entering this new stage with this type of crap. If Director Rohit thinks that car accidents, destroying of shops and houses, finger breaking (Ajay broke almost more than 10 fingers in whole movie), extremely loud dialogues and action without reason is comedy then he really needs to quite movie making. Worst thing of the movie is its screenplay. Golmaal means fraud, missing identities, lies and trying to hide something. But, unfortunately movie does not have any fake identity, no fraud for quick money and no cheating. Audience enters in the hall with the expectations of nonstop comedy but true comedy is hardly there. Yes lots of emotional scenes between Mithun and Ratna catch the audience attraction but we are not watching Golmaal for emotions and serious cinema. No story at all. Movie starts with introduction of all characters. Then Johny lever’s necklace stealing and hiding in Mithun’s bag. Then love story of both old characters then fight between all boys and movie ends. That’s it. If it is a screenplay then I have 10 screenplays in my bag which are better than this. OK, everything I can forget if we are laughing in every second scene. But, unfortunately Golmaal is not able to make you laugh. At least I can’t laugh on unnecessary action, car chasing and finger breaking. If you love them may be you will enjoy.”More:


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    i went to watch this movie just to see the truth. i was disappointed with the each department of movie making. I understand that humor does not have space for logic, the but the scenes were so illogical that it looks crass (to say the least). On top of it, a sheer talent called Shreyas has been wasted in portraying a PWS. For that matter, the witty director makes fun of a person who can't speak.

    Later that day, i have had experiences which compelled me to infer: "people live (no matter what)". On one side, TV serials are maturing to show disabilities like Autism, pervasive development disorder in children AND life of midgets after marriage, we have people like Rohit who think otherwise.

    may peace be with all !

  2. Sachin 9 years ago

    thanks Manohar! yes- Our country is like that frog- which leaped up 2 feet and slid back 3 feet! But we are committed to change..starting from small things..


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