Society changes- Bollywood stays the same..

We dont wish to gloat but many more reviews are confirming what TISA said 2 weeks back. Will the movie makers take note of this fact that we as society are not amused by poking fun at mute, stammerers, blind people? Here is another review:

“..Slowly but surely humor turns to futility especially in the films of recent times be it Bollywood or Tollywood or what ever wood it is. Director Rohit Shetty wagered around with mere insertion of farce uncalled for, in the film Golmaal 3. The viewers are forced to tickle their own ribs for the cash they paid. At times the buffoonish deeds of the stars caused irritation. Should the films steep down to the extent that the dumb and stammering individuals are sneered at for the sake of the funny side? Anyways it’s a film after all. One has to bear at the cost of his/her patience.” More.

One more review..


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