ABC of Advocacy..

Here are some random thoughts on advocacy, especially self advocacy ie. being advocates for our own issues.

1. You must have an opinion. There may be no law supporting it at the moment BUT, your constitution gives you a RIGHT to have an opinion. And this opinion should be well considered and firm- not swayed by the first criticism on or off Internet!

2. Share and discuss your opinion and concerns with others: talk, write, talk-talk, write-write..Use every conceivable means to spread your thoughts- web, newspaper, Footer of your email, write to other blogs, start one; write letters to editors or officers concerned (more)..
But remain respectful during discussions. You dont want to violate somebody else’s human rights to differ, in order to defend your human rights, do you? At all times, Expect that hardly one percent of human beings will welcome a new idea, especially if it involves personal change or action, however small even if signing a petition.. (talk to Nitin Tomar about this!)

3. Next, find out the legal position. Is there any law or right being violated here? Remember, anything which diminishes your right to a life of Human dignity is violation of your Human rights.

4. Get in touch with a Civil society organization (voluntary agency) specializing in advocacy work. Work with them- help them with research and mobilize your community. Plan long term and plan strategically.

5. Work with media judiciously. Dont ignore them.

Above all, you must have an OPINION and inner strength to state it PUBLICLY. Otherwise you have no case.. and lastly, since you want others to understand and support you, be open to other people’s concerns and issues- and support them, whenever you can.. It is two way street.

Finally learn, learn, LEARN. (more)
PS: self-advocacy is the best “speech therapy”, you can ever have.

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    (November 8, 2010 - 2:04 pm)

    Is this with regards to having an opinion on Golmal 3's portrayal of PWS, or in general?


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    (November 8, 2010 - 4:09 pm)

    True..BRAVEHEART you are!

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