Rs 20,000 fee for stammering “cure”

I was doing a little bit of search on Internet about the fee for stammering “cure”. I came across this page:

I was surprised that it did not mention the fee. Just gave a phone number – 09815002267. I phoned and mentioned that I wish to refer some children who stammer (- true actually-). The doctor sahab told me- it is twenty sittings of 2-2.5 hours spread over 20 or more days; each sitting costing Rs 1000. Total course will cost Rs 20,000 and it will reduce stammering to 90% plus. If follow up needed (rarely), its cost is included in Rs 20,000.

I wonder, why did Dr Dyal Chhabra does not put this information on the fee page of their website? Just wondering.

Also wondering why none of the Indian speech therapists, who charge Rs 20,000 for 20 sessions, will never protest unscientific, unethical portrayal of stammering in media? Do they think, that their clinic is the whole of their world?

It is very heart warming to see how the SLPs and Stammering associations in other countries are gearing up to rectify the mis-representation of basic facts about stammering in the movie “King’s Speech”.

Post Author: Sachin

2 thoughts on “Rs 20,000 fee for stammering “cure”


    (November 26, 2010 - 8:03 am)

    The reason y all the SLPs in India are silent about not just Kings speech but also about golmaal 3 is that they also suffer from lack of initiative as much as most of their clients..I think we are learning all the wrong things from each other 😉


    (November 26, 2010 - 8:55 am)

    well said JP, just to add what you said, it's sheer greed and apathy on the part on SLPs who are riding high on gullible PWS. The only person who can ACTUALLY help a PWS is PWS himself/herself!

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