Goa SHG Meeting and Online Cross-SHG Interaction

Rahul and I have been meeting regularly on Sundays off late. But today’s meeting I thought was worth a mention. Rahul was missing today, but I, Prakash and my cousin (Who is a paediatrician into his early forties) met at Nehru Park at 11.30 in the morning.  We started by Prakash and I discussing and talking in b-b-bouncing technique. More often then not, we forgot to implement the bouncing technique as our speech progressed. We discussed ways to deal with such things.  I then told Prakash about EFT technique about which Dr. Sachin had informed me. I demonstrated him the technique too.  Later on we were joined by my cousin. He attended the meeting for the first time. He told us about his experiences with VIVA during his MBBS examinations and difficulties he faced because of stammering. He also spoke (and also demonstrated) various ways by which he now manages stammering while talking to patients personally, on phone or while giving public lectures. He shared a recent incident where he got a block while saying the word “secular”, and how he handled it by stopping… then breaking the word into three, and then chanting each part in mind first and then saying it… “Se.. (in mind) and then Se… (actually say it), cu… lar.  He then also made Prakash and Me talk about something, and then made us repeat the same by applying techniques and talking slow.  Interaction with Indore SHG  Later on in the evening, I had an online interaction with the Indore TISA SHG members during their meeting. In a very interesting internet call, I interacted with Amit Singh, Pramendra and another girl, who is a non-PWS but attends the meetings to help the PWS.  After Pune, I was delighted to hear that today’s Indore SHG was attended by a journalist from Hindustan Times who interacted with members, asked questions and will write an article by tomorrow or latest by Tuesday. I expressed my compliments to all the members there before signing off… 

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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Great Harish. By such sharing, many more people will be encouraged..


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