Dear Friends,
A very good morning,
On 12.12.2010 afternoon at 2 pm, myself, Mr. Dhruv, Mr. Ishan, Mr. Mohit, Mr. Prem and 2 new members Mr. Varun & Mr. Balkaran met at sector 33 park Chandigarh. We welcomed the new members. Mr. Varun is an HRD Executive and Mr. Balkaran has done B. Tech from SLITE. Mr. Varun has also recently joined Chandigarh Toastmaster club. This time we missed Mr. JP and Miss Jaspreet, who could not join because of some pre- occupations. Hope both can make up next time. We started the meet with laughter exercise. Laughter relaxes our brain and helps towards better communication. We did meditations for relaxation and strengthening of brain, followed by exercise to relax the speech organs. Then each one of us read paras from newspapers in slow prolongation method. Need for keeping our voice a bit louder was also emphasised, particularly to Ishan, which helps in overcoming the blocks. Further, need to wipe out one of the most detested sentence ” I CAN’T DO IT” from our life was deliberated. These small words have a huge impact in our life. They have prevented us from living the lives we want. Mr. Mohit gave a very valuable input by saying that we should always try to remain happy in all the situations. It really helps in overcoming the stuttering by keeping us relaxed. Mr. Varun suggested that like in Toastmasters each member here should also speak on something for 2-3 minutes. We shall do it next time. Every member should come prepared with some topic to speak. All members showed very keenness for having an early workshop at chandigarh by inviting Dr. Sachin. The mail received from Dr. Sachin regarding workshop dated 18.11.2010 was read over to all members and the concerns deliberated. Mr. Dhruv offered to help in finalising the venue and other logistics. With promise to meet again next week we dispersed. All members are again requested to write their comments on the meet to incorporate value additions for coming Meetings.
jasbir sandhu,
Cell 99150 06377

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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Great work, Jasbir ji!
    I think we can plan the 2 day workshop sometime in Feb 2nd week (5-13 feb 2011).
    Encourage participants to post to blog in rotation. If they/ you let JP have their email ID, he will give them authoring rights to the TISA blog..
    Writing about their experiences and how they have coped with it so far, will encourage other IPWS, reading the blog..

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Dear Sachin ji,
    Good Afternoon,
    Thanks for the very prompt comments.
    Sir, In Feb I may be busy because of financial closure operations in office. Our PEC collegues may also be busy for exam. preparations. Anyway all members are requested to please indicate their convevient dates for the workshop.

  3. admin 9 years ago

    जसबीर जी और अन्य सभी दोस्तों को बधाई…!

    Amitsingh Kushwah,
    Indore, Bharat.

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Great work, keep going guys. We are watching you all.

    If this workshop happen to be in August next year. most probably i would attend too.


  5. Aditya 9 years ago

    great work by all members by coming to SHG.These are the steps towards sucess

  6. admin 9 years ago

    Looking forward to meet you all next Sunday..

  7. admin 9 years ago

    Dear Mr. jasbir

    You are doing grt.We always inspire from your efforts.
    Best of luck

  8. admin 9 years ago

    Any day after 12 January is convenient for me.

  9. admin 9 years ago

    Great Work, Jasbir Ji 🙂

  10. Anonymous 9 years ago

    resptd sir,
    tnakx for so valuable exercises which are very much helpful to overcome my problem especially streching exercise is so nice for mind relaxing and i continue with it and all others and feel more confident.


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