Dear Friends,
Good afternoon,
On 19.12.2010 myself, Mr. Ishan, Mr. Balkaran and a new member Mr. Manish Chhabra met in Sector 33 Park chandigarh at 3.00 pm. Though I had sent SMS to all members but the attendance was thin this time. But we were delighted to see a new member Mr. Manish, who is working with LOREAL. He has some problem while talking in English only. Otherwise he is quite fluent and speaks in a very controlled manner. I suggested him to practice more english speaking keeping in mind the 3 principles i.e. talking in slow relaxed manner by taking breath and to avoid any kind of excitement which tends to increase our speed. And never to avoid any English speaking situation.He was also advised to have a talk with Dr. Sachin regarding his problem.
As usual we started the meet with laughter session followed by relaxation exercises to calm down our brain and speech organs. We exercised slow speaking methods with voluntary stutterings. Then we deliberated on following theme of the day:
Need for accepting the problem with heart was again emphasised. Humans seem to be programmed to create problems for themselves. Had it not been stammering, it would certainly had been some other problem. We should be thankful to God that our problem is manageable with self control and practice. Only what is required is a strong will power.
Mr. Balkaran informed that morning breathing and stretching exercises are helping a lot in overcoming the problem.
We dispersed after laughter session and promise to meet next week.
jasbir sandhu,
Cell 99150 06377


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  1. balkaran singh 9 years ago


  2. Sachin 9 years ago

    Laughter is one thing which we all need- the entire humanity! We have started taking ourselves so seriously! and our problems even more seriously (than our inner strength and resources)..

    A little laugh at our own selves will do no harm. In fact it will make us a very mature and likeable fellow..I think.

    Congratulations to all the Chandigarh members.. You are proving that one can help oneself, if determined enough!

    Wonderful. Keep it up!

  3. admin 9 years ago

    Congratulations Mr. Jasbir, Keep going…. Chandigarh SHG reports are always informative and useful 🙂

    BTW, where is JP ???

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Thanks for the encouraging words Mr. Harish. I am also desperately looking for JP. Please let me know in case you find him.


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