Dear Friends,
Good Afternoon,
On 26.12.2010 afternoon at 2.00 pm myself, Mr. JP, Mr. Varun, Mr. Prem and 3 new members viz. Mr.Ragesh Jandial & Mr. Aditya Khajuria both from Jammu and Mr. Harsh Preet Singh from Amritsar met in sector 33 park Chandigarh. We welcomed the new members.
We started the meet with laughter session followed with relaxation exercises to calm down our brain and speech organs. We also did deep breathing and anulom vilom yogas as being told by yoga guru Shri Ram dev ji. Then everyone gave self introduction in slow voluntary stuttering method. We deliberated on following theme of the day:
That is resigning to the fact we might always stammer, and doing it properly is not giving up. It is further knowing that we have reached a certain level of understanding, from where we may focus on making the most of what we have got.
New members were requested for complete acceptance of the problem from heart. First in front of the mirror or in bathroom to self and next confiding in someone close that they stammer and are working on it. This works like a magic.
It was also deliberated that we should keep ourself happy and once we accept our handicapcy we should not take it very seriously. Toward laughter we shared jokes. On a query of new members Mr. JP informed that our goal is to become a better communicator and not an expert orator.
I shared with them my meeting with Mr. Raja Poladi in Hyderabad and also God Reward meeting with Dr. Sachin at Delhi Airport.
Need to devote at least 45 min. in a day for coming out of our handicapcy was again emphasised.
As the tests on drug Pygoclone have failed, it was again told to ourselves that there is no cure for stammering but certainly we can become better communicator with our will power and working on it.
We dispersed after laughter session and promise to meet next week.
jasbir sandhu,
Cell 99150 06377

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  1. Aditya Khajuria 8 years ago

    Sir This is the most inspirational meeting I ever had . From previous few months I was going through a lot of negative thoughts but after this meeting , It changed me totally how to handle these types of thoughts and keep going
    Thanks to Mr Jasbir sir and all PWS of chandigarh SHG
    GOD is with us

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Great! Meeting others and laughing together is a reward itself..

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Great going you people 🙂

    Intra SHG meetings are the best possible way to know others PWS.

    Kishore Bisht


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