New Year in a Rail..

TJY tries to simulate Gandhi and Vivekananda’s journey through India- which helped to consolidate their ideas as to what could help transform this vast land..
Religious Yatra is an integral part of our cultural landscape..
Many of us are meeting the intelligent and young Indians from the “middle India”. Thoughts, ideas are ricocheting all over the train all the time.. Intellectual discussions are interspersed by jokes, fun, singing and dancing.
Below is a Yatri singing a Marathi song of valor and desh-prem..

Below is Kathleen, a German yatri! She works for TCS at Baroda. She scored highest on awareness about “things to keep in mind while talking to a pws”. I have been informally discussing what yatris know about disability and the protocol recommended while interacting with someone with any disability..

I celebrated my new year quietly in the train as it moved from Hyderabad towards Orissa..I am holding fine.. It has been a big adventure.

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    sachin, i think this has been your most eventful adventure. thanks for sharing, feel like i am travelling with you 🙂


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