Upcoming Chennai workshop

A gentle reminder to everyone and anyone who can help us get an appointment in any organization in Chennai :).IF I m not wrong, TISA has got a lot of members from IT companies having offices in Chennai..We would be looking at 2 hour session per organization..

Hope you are doing good. It gives me an immense pleasure to inform you that Dr Sachin and myself would be in Chennai from 22nd to 25th Jan 2011.

1. We will have one and half day workshop for people who stammer (22nd Jan full day and 23rd Jan morning). All the participants must register in advance..Please contact Mr Manimaran 9884289989 (maran_450@yahoo.com) if you are interested in joining or to get a copy of the Agenda.

2. 23rd Jan 2011 after noon – Anniversary meet of Chennai chapter of TISA…general public and media are invited.

3. 24th and 25th Jan 2011 – Me and Dr Sachin will be more than happy to visit as many organizations, colleges etc as we can to give a talk on stammering.. If you can help us get an appointment at any organization in Chennai, we would be very grateful to you..

Also please help us by spreading the message about the event so that more and more people can get benefited. A few of the ideas that come to mind are – put this up on your office bulletin board, ask your HR to send a mailer to all the employees. forward this to all you contact details, put the link of this post as your facebook and gmail status etc.

Jai Prakash Sunda


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    best of luck

  2. Vaibhav Talegaonkar 9 years ago

    Good luck guys.It will really help someone

  3. admin 9 years ago

    Dear JP,

    Wish you all success for this up- coming workshop.

    P.S- Kindly correct the year in post . It appears you have pasted the old format without any change.. 😉

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Chalo koi to post pad raha hai!! Kishore I m still not able to believe that its 2011 😀

  5. admin 9 years ago

    JP Sir,

    you have to believe that now you are older by one more year :D.


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