Dear Friends,
Wish you a verry Happy , Healthy & Prosperous 2011,
On 02.01.2011 very cold and breezy afternoon at 2 pm, Mr. Mohit, Mr. Dhruv, Mr. Varun, myself and a new member Mr. Amarjit singh (from left to right in pic.) met for the first meet the year in sector 33 park chandigarh and did the following activities:
1. First we welcomed our new member Sh. Amarjit Singh who is happily married and having two kids. He works with Hind Motors. He has worked a lot on the problem and has overcome the handicapcy to a great extent with self efforts . However the need to accept the problem from heart was explained to him with the logic behind it.
2. We started the meet with laughter session followed with relaxation exercises to calm down our brain & speech organs.
3. We greeted each other with new year wishes and took resolution of the year to work towards becoming a better communicator and to help at least one person in our respective area to overcome this handicapcy. In return we get immense satisfaction which helps in overcoming our problem.
4. We discussed the interview given by the former international cricketer, well known commentator and BJP MP from Amritsar, Sh. Navjot Singh Sidhu to Sh. Ramaninder K Bhatia which appeared in the Times of India dated 02.01.2011, where he tells that as a child he was very shy. So shy that he fainted when he was told to tell students at his school assembly to disperse. He further said that he was so shy that the announcement of a declamation contest in school would force him to stay home to avoid the event. He overcome his shyness with meditation, breathing exercises, hardwork and by challenging the problem. Today his oratory expertise are in front of us. The message was that with hard work and challenging the problem, any handicapcy can be overcome.
5. We deliberated on the theme of the day :
i.e. focusing just on stammering narrows our vision of life. If we see the bigger picture than the stammering begins to feel less and less significant.
6. As suggested by Mr. Dhruv, each one of us gave self introduction and also of others in group in voluntary stuttering method.
7. Mr. Dhruv also introduced OM game, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. As per rule, we had to count numbers starting from 1 by one member, 2 by second member and so on but in place of numbers 3 & 5, multiples of 3 & 5 and the numbers ending with 3 & 5, we had to say OM, instead of the number. It was a good brain exercise and Dhruv was the winner.
8. At the end we had laugher session.
9. We dispersed after hot tea and bread pakoras – courtesy Mr. Amarjit Singh. We promised to meet next week.
jasbir sandhu,
Cell 99250 06377

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker



    (January 3, 2011 - 3:09 pm)

    Although i really enjoyed the meeting, I feel the meetings could be more organized with an agenda that we try to follow. Also time management needs to improved upon and equal opportunities should be given to everyone to speak..people who stutter less speak most of the time 🙁 ….


    (January 4, 2011 - 4:58 am)

    Mr. Anonymous,

    You are most welcome to come with an agenda for the coming meet. In fact I have been looking for the value additions in the meeting.


    (January 5, 2011 - 10:49 am)

    Last meeting was fun !!!!! I,like most pws, earlier used to blame God for my stammer but after joining tisa i realize that god gave me an opportunity of having a second family,a family in which everybody looks out for each other and members understand each other !!!!
    If it wasnt for my stammer,there was no way for me to meet people who are so good at their hearts !!!!
    thanks God and thanks TISA !!!


    (January 6, 2011 - 4:52 am)

    Well said Dhruv. TISA is my extended family, where I can open up my heart without any hesitation. Please keep writing like this.

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