Fight against Stammering

Today i was talking with Sachin sir.We discussed some issues related to ppl’s perceptions.What they think about Stammering or some others was really a interesting discussion and sir inspired me to write this blog.

Every time when we feel bad ,we think that ppl are doing bad with us.Sometimes they laugh on us,sometimes tease us.We always blame to others.When we fail in any interview or when we want to go in a particular field but can’t go with our deficiency, at that time we think that there should be some reservation for stammerers in those field.
But did we ever feel from our bottom heart that what we did for the others who are suffering from some others disabilities.Did we try to understand their problems or how they are struggling in life & What they think about others.

Unfortunately We didn’t, Even we didn’t do for PWS community.

Then how can we expect from others to think about us…………..??

Some of us have compromised with the fear & the embarrassment of Stammering.They are afraid to talk about stammer.Unfortunately they just want to live life alone without any fight.
i remember the sentence which i read in magazine that “Nothing is impossible & Man can do everything whatever he wants”.

We are lucky that we can share our feelings with each other.We have great support of Organisation like TISA,but others are not.If you/we have “Hame dusro se kya matlab” like tendency,we are going to wrong way.Most of us think that we will dig the well when we will be thirsty But we can’t survive with this kind of thinking.

We should understand that we are also the responsible persons and how can we help others who are suffering from stammering or some others disabilities.Its war against the fear and we have to win.

At the end i want to say only that we can’t change the thinking of others but we can change our thinking.

Thank you

Soyez heureux 🙂

Vaibhav Talegaonkar


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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Dear Vaibhav- you make a valid point. Few people are willing to accept it at the moment. Stammering is rooted in a kind of selfishness: Me, my speech, my fluency, my difficulty, may pain..

    This exclusive concern for me and mine leads to persistence of stammering. If PWS sincerely got involved with others' well being, he will think less of stammering and as a result, most likely, speak better.

    My own recovery from stammering started when I started caring for a paraplegic in Herbertpur..

    In this story, Shekhar is actually me!

    Hope you like the fictionalized account of my coming out of "victim mindset"..


  2. Vaibhav Talegaonkar 9 years ago

    u r right sir.If we see all around us there are so many ppl suffering frm diff problems.We should help those.might be It will not help to cure stammering but life is beyond the stammering …………

  3. romi 9 years ago

    If you Stammer 1 crore Indians r wid u.
    Hi My name is Romi Singh n am gonna share abt stammering.I was short of confidence in life as due 2 stammering I was Jobless.After meeting Sachin Sir at Pune n after revising d speech techniques things gt better n life went 4 a toss.Tday i have realised m vry gud in marketing n salesmanship n though i stammer but d confidence is back n i stammer wid ease.I wana say friends do meditation n yoga every mornin n trust me it helps alot.After failin in 12 interviews i was in deep depression but tis is nt d end of d world.We shuld never give up in life jus concentrate on d basics ,follow d speech techniques use dem whnever required n life will b exciting.Life is beautiful v shuld enjoi every phase of it n ya ppl r vry helpful so v shuld share our stammering experiences wid dem n trust me dey wil understand d root cause of stammering n dey wil start followin us as after facing so much pain v r stil workin hard.The bst way 2 cure stammering is 2 accept wht u r n ya dun worry abt d end result jus gt d basics rite n things wil automatically work ur way.
    "All Stammerers r successful but all successful people r nt stammerers". V shuld take tis on a gud note n feel proud of our stammering.
    Do contact me 4 anyhelp I will alwayz b der at ur service.
    For those in Mumbai pls do call me-9769383897.

  4. pawan 9 years ago

    i agree stammering hpn more when u try to hide it…just experiment wth yourslf and enjoy your speech..go in the shopping malls and try to talk to sales mans and also often make enquries to some counters…..

  5. Maharshi Joshi 5 years ago

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