Dont go by looks!

Seen the video? But dont go by looks or the speech: Munavvar is an ace oracle expert! He has many overseas clients who will vouchsafe for his excellent programming skills and ability to meet short deadlines. When last time, his company was in a tight spot, he said: let me work from home and I will finish it in 72 hours! The company agreed and was surprised when he finished it 6 hours earlier.

So, what is the problem?

If some one asks you a simple question in an interview: tell us about yourself- and you are not able to say even your name- then, there is a melt down all around. You feel terribly inadequate, ashamed and overwhelmed with thoughts of self-blame, self-pity. The interviewer also is overwhelmed with doubts: All the certificates this guy has shown me- are they truly genuine? If he cant say his own name, how could he have done B.Tech form this reputed university?

The interviewer may have seen Golmaal 3 and laughed his lungs out- STILL he is not ready for anything like this in the interview. He has no clue! Obviously, he cant take chances. So he says: NEXT!

But of course, another company took the chance, and Munavvar is serving it well. So, what am I trying to say? Munavvar should talk about it and educate others. Otherwise the world will go on as it has been- like a Java applet obeying the script faithfully..Nothing will change!
And HR guys should go beyond the “blue book on Interviewing skills”, and learn about diversity among human beings- the way we, dress, talk, think, write and problem-solve. Otherwise, some really smart and potentially good employees will join the competition!

Is that c-c-clear?

PS: Munavvar is in Herbertpur for counseling with TISA..


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  1. Vaibhav Talegaonkar 9 years ago

    we always think that if someone looks good it means he is a complete person but its not true.Everyone has some good qualities and we should appreciate.

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Yes Sachin, you are so right!! How many times do we look down on people and judge people by their looks, the way they talk, dress etc..Thanks for pointing this out again! I would like to share this another video that highlights this –

  3. romi 9 years ago

    If you Stammer 1 crore Indians r wid u.
    Hi My name is Romi Singh n am gonna share abt stammering.I was short of confidence in life as due 2 stammering I was Jobless.After meeting Sachin Sir at Pune n after revising d speech techniques things gt better n life went 4 a toss.Tday i have realised m vry gud in marketing n salesmanship n though i stammer but d confidence is back n i stammer wid ease.I wana say friends do meditation n yoga every mornin n trust me it helps alot.After failin in 12 interviews i was in deep depression but tis is nt d end of d world.We shuld never give up in life jus concentrate on d basics ,follow d speech techniques use dem whnever required n life will b exciting.Life is beautiful v shuld enjoi every phase of it n ya ppl r vry helpful so v shuld share our stammering experiences wid dem n trust me dey wil understand d root cause of stammering n dey wil start followin us as after facing so much pain v r stil workin hard.The bst way 2 cure stammering is 2 accept wht u r n ya dun worry abt d end result jus gt d basics rite n things wil automatically work ur way.
    "All Stammerers r successful but all successful people r nt stammerers". V shuld take tis on a gud note n feel proud of our stammering.
    Do contact me 4 anyhelp I will alwayz b der at ur service.
    For those in Mumbai pls do call me-9769383897.

  4. Vaibhav Talegaonkar 9 years ago

    Hi Romi

    thanks for sharing ur thoughts.Saturday i met with Harsh from powai.I will definitely meet u within few days.

  5. Vaibhav Talegaonkar 9 years ago

    Hii Munnavar

    u r in dehradun because u have courage to accept ur deficiency.U will definitely come out from this.Just faith on God & do ur best.


  6. admin 9 years ago

    why can't we appreciate the diversity in human beings? that's a very valid question you raised there sachin. thanks for the sharing the video.


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