Herbertpur- Anugrah- 30th Jan 2011

Siddharth, his parents, Raju, Rajesh, Vineet, Susheel, Parmanand, sachin, Dr Kshitiz and Daniel (from Switzerland) were the participants today. We started at 3.30 pm and finished at 6 pm! We played some interactive games, watched Chennai videos, made formal presentations, did many rounds of formal intros with a bounce etc. We also played some games, including musical chairs. Last was a frank feedback session. Dr Kshitiz plans to start a SHG in Dehradun. We discussed that too.


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  1. Rajesh bhandari 9 years ago

    Today was my 1st shg meeting….really,it was a great experience for me to hv such pepoles with me…i got a lot of confidence from the stuff we hv today….thanks sachin sir……hope i will soon able to control my stammer..

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Great to c a report from Herbertpur after a long time! Sachin I wish all of us could match ur energy level 🙂


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