Alternative ways to Recovery..

While trying to learn a qualitative analysis program- Atlas.ti, I went through ten personal stories of recovery from PWS. All these ten stories are from Kuster’s home page. These are first person accounts; Brief but quite in-depth sharing about what authors think, contributed to their recovery. My focus was to find out what factors got these ten individuals moving in the direction of normalizing their self-concept and their speech experiences. Read here for Html version- here for pdf version.


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  1. Anonymous 9 years ago

    sir,i hv a dobut… of my frnd in facebuk whose is a ex-stammerer told me that if u practice so many techniques like buk reading,bouncing,prolongation,meditation etc. at a time,u will never able to control ur stammering… that true…???????rply…… Rajesh

  2. Sachin 9 years ago

    as many people, so many opinions..

  3. Anonymous 9 years ago

    So sir,,,wt's the right approach ..???

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Mr Anonymous,
    After searching thousands of sites and reading different books on the subject,one thing that i have found is that there is no definite right method. A method which is right for one guy may not work for another.There is no perfect algorithm which has been developed till date which can cure stuttering(The guy who discovers it will bcome a millionaire fr sure).It is only you who can find the right approach which works for you which you need to find by hit and trial.One thing common to all the techniques is that they all require constant dedication and need to be practiced over a long period of time.(eg-speaking one step down than my usual speed works well for me).But with these techniques you also need to constantly challenge yourself and expose urself to the outside world in baby steps,make a plan,create some goals on a daily basis and slowly try coming out of ur comfort zone and dont get bothered by a little stammering.The thing which i have realized after so many years is that stammering is just a part of me,there is more to me than stammering,I need to focus on it but not focus that much on it that my other qualities do not get nurtured as they should !!!!
    U will talk to 100 people and get 1000 opinions,so pick up a technique which works well for u,and start practicing both alone and wid d outside world and keep challenging urself by creating new goals !!!! all d best buddy !!!

  5. Vaibhav Talegaonkar 9 years ago

    @Anonymous : These techniques definitely reduce stammering as well as imagination of fluency in mind and repetition of words who you think fear to speak can also reduce stammering.


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