Looking for PHD students!!

A lot of my Facebook friends are PWS or speech-language pathologists, we are looking for new PhD students to apply. If you get in, the university pays your tuition and gives you a nice stipend ( 24K per year for 3 years). Of course you have to do 20 hours a week of work for you major professor ( e.g. research, teaching, etc). Students should have at least a 1000 on their GRE ( like your SATs) and foreign students must pass the TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language). You can contact me ( Joe Kalinowski, kalinowskij@ecu.edu) if you interest is in stuttering or any one in our department. You might also want to contact Dr. Monica Hough our Graduate Admissions director.

Monica Strauss Hough, Ph.D

Director, Graduate Studies

Phone: 252-744-6090 Fax: 252-744-6109


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