A Big Surprise

In 2010, I applied for a summer internship in Standford University in the United States of America. Actually, this chance was given by our university. Firstly, they asked all the students to apply, so I did. Further, I was asked to write about a woman who has inspired me, so I wrote about Clara Barton, who was the founder of the American Red Cross Organization. She is an important woman for me since she also had a speech disability just like me. (see the essay)
I was so happy when I got a mail from our provost saying that I got selected for the interview. They have selected 15 undergraduate 2nd year students from 160 in total. Last Thursday, I had my interview; I am so much confident to say that I talked very well though I stammered at some points. This is the very first time I faced to an important interview.
For sure, in near soon, I will let you all know whether I got selected or not.

Smile with your Failures…. 🙂

Nilukshi Cooray from Sri Lanka
Asian University for Women, Bangladesh
(Ed: TISA family wishes Nilukshi all the best!)


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Congratulations Nilu !! Great going ! and all the very best for your future interviews.

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Well done Nilukshi! And your essay is so impactful as one can feel that you have written it from your heart! All the best for your interview!

  3. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Standford..Great..All the best…

  4. admin 8 years ago

    You have my wishes !!!!

  5. vaibhav talegaonkar 8 years ago

    Congrts and all the very very best.

  6. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Thanks a lot everyone…


  7. Shaun 8 years ago

    wish you best in every effort you take.

  8. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Hey all my brothers and sisters,

    I am really happy to say that I got selected to go to Standford in this summer…. 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your kind wishes…


  9. Anonymous 8 years ago

    You are a star my sis nilu!! Go ahead! You deserve this and did I tell you, your essay was great.

    a friend

  10. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Thanks a lot again… I really miss talking with you all…


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