Days of my Interview(s) :: Acid Test for me

Hello. This is WindStorm again. This time, I’ll share my interview experience. You’ll get to know how I broke the paradigm once you complete reading this post.

This is about some good time ago,when I had just completed my professional teachers’ training course and was in search of job. I was engulfed with the negative thoughts ,and hence the depression, due to my stammering disorder. I was almost certain that no reputed school would like to recruit a stammerer in their school as a teacher. I managed to get handsome grades in my training course but I knew that school authority may not get convinced once they unleash my stammering during the interview. Few months passed, and I went for an interview in a school and I couldn’t speak so well in interview. Although thoughts were crystal clear in my mind but my thoughts couldn’t get voice because of my stammering and huge blocks. It was bad quarter of that hour for me. I got rejected. The management team told me I am in their waiting list and not in selected list of candidates. I knew this was just a formality statement from them but the real reason was my stammering. I don’t blame them for it. My disappointment jumped to extreme levels. I felt I was tied with ”stammering problem’s” apron strings.

Again much time passed, and I heard that a big and reputed school in my city are conducting interviews to recruit teachers. I discovered that they were taking interviews of the candidates since 7 days and around 100+ entries have hit the door of the school. I was at horns of the dilemma ,whether to declare in my resume ,about my stammering or not. After pondering a lot, I did not do that.

And the day came when I was supposed to go for the interview. Upon the day of broad daylight, I stepped out of home for interview. I couldn’t think anything but stammering issue. Infact, the fear that I MAY stammer. I wanted to give a good account for myself in front of the interview panel but I was almost certain that again I may fail and just add more to my existing pain and agony. I went to that school and made myself sit in the guest hall. I was given a test paper and was instructed to complete the paper within 15 minutes. I was told, if I did well in that written test then and then only I’ll have to face the interview panel for further oral tests. There was not a single question, which I could not answer correctly in written test. So I was happy and contented. I was holding all the aces but the fear that I may stammer was putting me down. I was asked to wait. I also discovered that 15 candidates before me , were rejected before me on that day. This made me more nervous.
Finally I was called in the interview hall for interview. My blood ran cold. I was asked few questions and to my surprise, I answered all the questions without stammering !!!! I was getting few blocks while speaking ,though. The major question they asked at last and after thinking for few seconds, I answered it. I could read the feeling of satisfaction on the faces of the interview panel. Then I was asked to sit outside in the guest room. I waited there for around 3 hours.
Then, I was again called inside the interview hall.. And BINGO !!!!! My resume profile was sealed as SELECTED CANDIDATE !!! They informed me about my selection and handed me the appointment letter !
My heart was occupied with bundles of fun and happiness.

So, friends, I would suggest that while facing the interviews, please dont stress yourself too much. Just be natural and try to focus on the answers rather then stammering. And if you happen to fail in one or two interviews, dont loose hope. Just keep trying. There is always a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep trying till you break all the myths and paradigms.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on this , so do not forget to leave a comment. 🙂

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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    "In front of the class"- movie based on a real life- the young man suffering from Tourrette syndrome gives 22 interviews, fails- refuses to give up and is selected in 23rd interview..
    Just a man like you and me..
    Man can do- what man has done..

  2. Harish 9 years ago

    Mr. Windstorm…

    It made me feel so good when I read this post. I enjoy reading all such success stories from the fellow PWSes. Makes me feel glad that I am a part of a community with a "never say die" attitude.

    Congratulations and wishing you all the success in the future.

    The more I read your posts, I want to meet you all the more. Hope you can make it to the Workshop !

  3. admin 9 years ago

    Mr. Windstorm…

    It made me feel so good when I read this post. I enjoy reading all such success stories from the fellow PWSes. Makes me feel glad that I am a part of a community with a "never say die" attitude.

    Congratulations and wishing you all the success in the future.

    The more I read your posts, I want to meet you all the more. Hope you can make it to the Workshop !

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Dear Windstorm
    At one time I thought I am reading my own life experiences. Majority of us experiences similar challenges and setbacks only the background is different. It feel nice to read your interview(s) experiences. I must appreciate you for writing such an inspiring and motivational post, it can give hope and direction to many aspiring job seekers who may be finding it very difficult to get a job in this competitive world.
    Looking forward to read more from you

    Kishore Bisht

  5. admin 9 years ago

    i needed that !

  6. Rajesh 9 years ago

    Why didn't u tell the interviewer that u stammer,..???

  7. WindStorm 9 years ago

    @Mr. Rajesh

    I did not declare to the interviewer that I stammer because of the following reasons possibly.

    I thought if I would stammer during interview then interview would surely know it. And if I would not stammer then it would be just a normal interview.

    Also, if I would have declared that I stammer then it would not have been favourable as I was applying for teacher's post which requires dynamic speaking skills. Also, my declaration of stammer may force interviewer to talk about my stammering which MAY trigger my stammering.

    Or may be that I did not have the guts in declaring my stammer upfront.

    There could be possibly many more reasons. I can't exactly point out a specific reason for it.

    But, these were just my personal thoughts and opinions. And frankly speaking , I did not have the feeling of acceptance towards stammering at that time.

    But things are not same for me today. I'm trying my best to change my mindset and develop more acceptance and positivity towards my stammering. And to some extent, I have been successful in doing it.


  8. WindStorm 9 years ago

    @Dr. Sachin
    Thanks. Good to see you establishing similarity between people's problems and making them feel they are not alone.

    Thank you for your compliments. And yes, I, too, hope to make it for Goa workshop and exchange some thoughtful ideas with you and others.

    @Mr. Kishore
    Thank you. I am glad you feel my post motivational and inspiring.

  9. admin 9 years ago

    Keep moving..keep writing.

  10. rahul das 9 years ago

    but wat after givin more dan 20 interviews ,u dnt get a job???

  11. manish kumar gupta 5 years ago

    very positive and inspiring post,,

  12. manish kumar gupta 5 years ago

    very positve and inspiring post..


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