p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } I read about this when I was going through the BSA(BRITISH STAMMERING ASSOCIATION) site.It is a move started by the Mcguire Program where the members fix one day where they will voluntary stutter for a pre-fixed amount of times throughout the 24 hours period. People who complete their goals are seen to be bullet proof for weeks. So why not start this in India as well. We all know that voluntary stuttering is undoubtedly the best friend that a pws could ever have so why not celebrate the existence of our friend by naming a day for it. So I(with the permission of all pws),declare the third Sunday of every month to be celebrated as Voluntary Stuttering Day.The first celebration of this day will be on coming Sunday i.e. on 20 February 2011.Between all the participants of this day,we have to collectively stutter for atleast 500 times(in Mcguire Program it is 1000,so lets see if we can top that). A complete sentence full of voluntary stuttering will be counted as one time.e.g.-“I wwwant a cccchocolate.HHHow mmmuch is it fffor.”will be counted as 2 times.(Voluntary stuttering in SHG meets don’t count) So all the pws who want to celebrate this day please write (in comments) how many times you will voluntary stutter in the 24 hours period. I am pledging 70 times. So lets see how well we can celebrate this day. And at the end of the day, don’t forget to celebrate and reward yourself after completing your goals (After all, its your best friends day, you have to celebrate)
PS:I have started my own blog called My Stammer where I write whatever I have learnt everything about my stutter and post links from various blogs and sites I find useful. Please visit it and don’t forget to leave comments, I will really appreciate it. The address is mystammer.blogspot.com
Regards, Dhruva Kathuria


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  1. WindStorm 8 years ago

    Great collective work from Mr. Dhruva.

    Thank you Mr. Dhruva for sharing it with us here.

    I pledge for 50.

    I really liked your idea !


  2. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Hope Mr Partho Bagchi is NOT reading this. He will have an epileptic fit at the idea of all the IPWS going for VS..:-)) (and not medium long style or whatever..)

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Thanks Mr WindStorm for the pledge,I hope other pws will also start pledging here like you did(and then complete their pledge on sunday)and make this a day a success!!


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