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Once Ramakrishna Paramhamsa asked young Narendra: what is your ambition? What do you want to achieve in life?

Narendranath replied: I want to get established in Samadhi for days altogether; Surfacing once in 3-4 days, just to eat a little and then be lost again in the bliss of samadhi!”

To his great surprise, his teacher reacted quite unexpectedly: What? I thought you will be like a Banyan tree, sheltering many tired travelers. But all you seem to care is your own Samadhi- just like small minded worldly people!..

Narendranath was a great disciple of a great teacher; he understood the message- and eventually became the Banyan tree, known today as Swami Vivekanand. We, Indians, dont tire of quoting and re-quoting him, because he really gave us our self-esteem, when we as a nation were down and out, under centuries of colonial rule.

I was reminded of this incident while reading the comments to a debate on TM on this blog sometime back. Fortunately, everyone was in agreement on one point: TM is not for everyone. This is true for every organization, including TISA. There is an “Ideal” audience for every organization. And this ideal audience is going to differ from organization to organization. Even in America, where TM started in 1924 and has branches all over, National Stuttering Association (NSA) was started in 1977 and is doing very well- and has been described as the largest self-help organization. Same goes for England. I leave the interpretation to discerning readers.

I as a counselor have recommended TM to SOME people; But I have also recommended Martial arts, Classical Vocal music, reading stories to blind children, volunteering in slums, Bungee jumping, solo-trekking, Eckhart Tolle, Vipassana, Brahmavidya, meditation, broad reading, writing on blog, voluntary stuttering etc. to MANY people, based on their needs at a particular point in life. Above all, I have recommended & practiced Acceptance.

But the “table topic” for today is: are YOU going to be a banyan tree? or seek just your “private” salvation? Yes, that is the big question. Any speakers? Or writers? Please leave comments- and I assure you no marks will be deducted for spelling / grammar mistakes or “Aah, ooh, err” etc. 🙂


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    Sir,cant we perform both roles, help others as well keep on improving ourselves.

    (p.s-This is one of the best articles I have ever read or heard.)

  2. WindStorm 9 years ago

    Great post from Dr.Sachin ,as always!

    I think the answer to this is, pretty variedly-dependable on every person. Be it stammerers or non-stammerers.

    I've always lived with continous depression and unbearable stress of stammering. This gave me a window to understand all painful agonies and critical mental helpless conditions.

    Before 2 or 3 years, I've been mentally paralysed on virtual basis. And I had been surrounded by untold immense psychological pressure. And then I got to know some knowledge about stammering and it gave me a chance to understand pains and difficulties that all PWS face in general.

    And as I finished my studies and put front myself in the real life market, I gradually developed the insights seeing other people's (non-stammerers) problems and their pains. I could understand and see how much cumbersome problems people have in their lives. And as I myself have been going through such undismissable pain of stammering, it was really easy for me to understand people's frustration levels.

    I can see myself changing on a total different basis. It made me to peep into people's hearts and automatically understand their helpless plight.

    I'd quote one incident which happened with me recently. I was travelling in a bus crowded with people. And I got a place to sit, luckily. But during travelling, I just got to see a old lady standing and I could read pain of standing on her faces. And I don't know why but I just stood and asked her to sit and she was so happy for it. I know how it is 'to be helpless' and this forces me to do the things just like this old lady incident.

    I don't know whether I'm banyan tree or just helping myself but these were some changes I have undergone after I've beco,e conscious of stammering. May be stammering is my spiritual guru.

    I learned 'service to mankind is service to god'.
    And also, due to my stammering only, I've got to know all GREAT PWS across India via TISA. I was amazed to see how much helpful people are at TISA. And I'd say I've got my best friends of my life through TISA. Friends who teach me real-life values !

    Would these all things have been same if I did not have stammer ?
    Would WindStorm be same WindStorm if he did not have stammer ?

    Well, few questions are greatest mysteries on this planet earth.


  3. Sachin 9 years ago

    You are right. Only thing is: the two things are one and same. When you serve other PWS by running a SHG and in many other ways- you ARE improving YOURSELF. Check this write up from two IPWS, bearing out this great truth:

    They found that in the process of running a SHG for other stammerers, their own speech and attitudes changed. They also gained lot of leadership and facilitation skills. Check it out..

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Thanx a lot sir,it really has helped to me to clear up a lot of things.YOu get so much to learn from this blog.It has been around 2 onths since I started follwing this blog and today I am a much different person.

    Sir, I know it is not an easy job but dont you think Tisa should publish a book which will educate the masses about the various truths and help people stay away from incompetent speech therapies.It will help because internet is still a dream for most in India.

  5. admin 9 years ago

    it is the 'intention' which make difference between TM and NSA and
    their growth..TM is private salvation
    and TISA is banyan tree..
    'humari niyat kaise hai aur hum kya
    dekhte hai yahi mayne rakhta hai'
    i want to be banyan tree but my mind is not good enough…it is full of
    so many things ..niyat saaf rakhne ka prayas kar sakte hai..

  6. Shaun 9 years ago

    We humans are selfish by nature.

    It will take a step for one to be a banyan tree, in any area.

    But if we take that step, our life will have a meaning. Everyone should try to take that step.

    I don't understand the significance of banyan. if it was not Buddha who was underneath it, enlightenment wouldn't have happened. And Buddha could have done it even under an oak.


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