One Leg In The Past,the other in the Future,and I pee on the Present

All bollywood fans would know that is an english translation of a dialogue from a hindi movie.But this line really suits a pws(including me).We never live in the present.Most of the time we keep thinking about our bad experiences,our feared words and what not.We keep wondering what people might think about us.And when our brain does get some time from these past thoughts,you start loading it with crap like What I am gonna do in the future?Will I ever get a job?Will i ever get a girl I like ?Will I ever be successful?etc. etc.
Now because your brain is constantly filled with these past and future thoughts,you have no time whatsoever to concentrate on the present.A conversation is like a perfomance to you,it will  either be better than your last talk(fluency wise) or it will be worse ,it will never be just a conversation.You never enjoy talking nor do you really open up and say what you want to say.You are never fully aware of what is happening all around you.You are so self absorbed that you never enjoy the present.
So,tomorrow, do a simple thing.Just concentrate on the thing at hand.Whether you are talking to someone or listening to music or just sitting alone,just concentrate on the present.You will realize how much you are missing.And when you talk with someone just concentrate what you want to say and just say it without thinking about the past or future and you will see a miracle in your speech both content wise and fluency wise !!!

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  1. admin 9 years ago

    Another great post Dhruv and I really like the title. It sums up everything so well 😉

  2. Sachin 9 years ago

    Dhruva- I liked the title! This tendency to avoid present moment and to live in past or future is driven by a fear: what if I stammered? what if I blocked? What if people booed me?
    Psychologists say a good approach to deal with this catch 22 situtation is to let the "worst" happen at least once. When you are thru the experience once, and still alive, you will know that block does not kill you. It is only your reaction to it which kills you.
    So, TISA encourages people to try some voluntary stuttering in safe situations like SHG (to begin with).. and then seek bigger challenges.. This ensures lasting healing..and fearlessness which is at the bottom of creativity, fun and fullest living.

  3. admin 9 years ago

    Well said Mr. Dhruv. Thats why we call present "the present" i.e. GIFT. So live in the present and make maximum use of the Gift.

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Interesting and insightful post.
    Dhruva – whatever you have written is very true..but we can change our thought process by taking positive ACTION !!


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