I (Meerut,9412783111)with Pradeep(Meerut,9873087909) & Rohit(Meerut,9917087950)

reached Anugrah ,Lehman hospital at about 3 in evening. After seven hours of journey we were a bit tired.Dr. Sachin greeted us with smile at gate and told us to join other participants Dr.kshitiz(Dehradun,8126174710),Rajkumar(Dehradun,8410635255) and Kumar kundan(Kolaamb,7876790320) .

Jubin interacted with us and t old us about some interesting facts about human psychology
that was much important for pws too.we are very much self conscious about ourselves
(i.e. how we look,how others think about us,how we speak,how others think if they see us
stammering etc.).It is good to be self conscious to a extent but obsession is bad.
Other thing was self is good to have self esteem(how we see our self).we should
count positive memories and neglect negative one(it will improve self esteem ).
we always undermine our destiny as stammerers but there are others who never spoke.
so,love what we are.
latter we saw documentry Tisa ,King’s speech and gave interview in turn to Dr. Sachin.
i was little emotional in the ambience of ‘Anugraha’.Trees and nature behind it was beautiful.
Here,my heart gets voice and says there are too many things in life to live and cherish.
we departed after having a cup of coffee.

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  1. admin 9 years ago

    Chandigarh shg is also coming soon to herbetpur to have a lot of a fun !!!

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Great Neeraj

    You must have recollected the old memories in Anugrah 🙂

    Do you remember we all together had coined a term for this place called "HAKLISHTAAN" 🙂

    I too like this place very much..i am waiting for the next grand meeting when i can join too.

    Thanks for the nice writeup

    P.S – No offence to anybody

  3. admin 9 years ago

    thanks kishore! i missed there u,JP and Raja..and ofcourse our free laughter
    we can plan again to be there.

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Yes, Niraj, lets plan a get together soon 🙂 And I will send you all the DVDs by this Friday!

  5. kshitiz 9 years ago

    thanx neeraj for your nice posting.


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