Are we the only sufferers in society?

Something popped up in my mind when I was going through internet; youtube, specifically speaking.
We(including me) the stammerers always think our stammering as greatest hindrance in our work and hence the progress or any such crucial and practical aspects of life.
Speaking about myself, I always thought (and still do sometimes) that peak of all sufferings is ‘STAMMERING’. It may sound strange but sometimes I think that stammering is my biggest problem. I may be wrong. Climbing mount everest is easier then speaking in public, we tend to think this. And this is understandable to some levels. But being over-conscious about the same is considered as harmful. Myself and many others need to do intensive homework over this. But then as time goes, daily, I come across many situations in which I do get acknowledged with people’s varied problems. Ranking of stammering in ‘people’s sufferings’ list kept going down and down for me.
And my belief got the soul when I saw a video on youtube which implicably proves the capability of a human and shows what a human being can do despite of the problems and difficulties.

Here is the video link:

We must accept , without opposing, that life is not so easy and NO ONE in the world enjoys shiny day everyday. 🙂

Looking forward to hear from readers.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

8 thoughts on “Are we the only sufferers in society?


    (March 26, 2011 - 10:28 am)

    "We must accept , without opposing". Yes, thats what we need- a deep acceptance and magically change happens! Great write-up Windstorm.


    (March 26, 2011 - 1:23 pm)

    windstorm u havnt aceptd ur stammerng dats y u r spkng like dat…even u havnt revealed ur true namd til date….accept ur stamerng by cmng out in the crowd with reality…den u wil c d magic change….come on..!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (March 26, 2011 - 3:41 pm)

    I agree- sometime we fall in love with "my suffering, my pain"- start romanticizing it.. and therefore, push back whatever chances of recovery are there.. There is a great need to put things back in proper perspective..and to maintain a forward movement- not just in speech, but psychologically..


    (March 27, 2011 - 4:18 am)


    Yes. You are right to some extent. I haven't accepted my stammer to the full. That is the reason I wrote: 'Myself and others need to do intensive homework over this'.
    But I am trying my best in it. And I have been successful in doing to little extent.
    Thank you for your comment.
    I would be more then happy if you can give me some tips to accept stammering and some useful ways to do so.
    By the way, I would have appreciated if you posted your comment under some nick name rather then just anonymous. 🙂


    (March 27, 2011 - 4:30 am)

    You are right.
    We PWS are most often over cautious about our stammer.

    When some work at hand becomes hard and it fills our mind, we may sometimes find that we forgot to stammer.

    But trying to hide it and not doing anything about it, is not the way.

    Acceptance is the bliss…and then go forward.

    Then, we may realize that Stammering is a small issue ,in terms with the magnitude of problems that can come in the world

    I also wish you use your real name, *****.


    (March 28, 2011 - 7:51 am)

    Well.. In my terms..One cannot generalize the word "Suffering" and one shouldn't.

    Y one alwayz feel tht I am the only one with this kind of prob… Y??

    Everyone has different type of suffering and for stammers it becomes one of them if you don't accept & don't speak-up even if you want to say somethg.


    (March 28, 2011 - 11:22 am)

    I dont consider myself as a sufferer,rather I am the blessed one. In India alone there are millions of people whom daily goal is to find enough food to feed themselves and their families.God has given me so much-A wonderful family,awesome friends and I was born in an economically sound family such that I can pursue almost any thing for my future.God has been so grateful to me and it would be thanklessness on my part to consider myself as the sufferer !!! I think we should all count our blessings(which are many by the way) !!1


    (March 29, 2011 - 8:23 am)

    Great to see people reflecting their diverse thoughts and opinions.
    I respect all your opinions.

    And regarding consideration of pws as suffererers . We can't deny this fact totally. We all do suffer from a disorder and it does affect us in one way or another. If it did not, then we wouldn't have been reading and writing here.
    It depends on the pws how he takes on his stammer.
    For instance, I had different atittude towards my stammer and it gets changing constantly.

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