3-Day TISA Communication Workshop in Goa – Registrations are Open

The next 3-day TISA Communication Workshop in Goa is confirmed on 22nd to 24th April, 2011. This will be organized with the help of Goa YMCA Toastmasters’ Club. The venue of the workshop will be the YMCA Hall, Campal – Panaji Goa. total of 11 participants have confirmed. I request the participants to please pay the registration of Rs. 1000, as we start preparing for the same. Also, do take part in the pre-workshop activities. Please contact Harish – 9823211467. (silentscream.21@gmail.com) in case u plan on joining
Looking forward to have a great 3 days of fun and learning experience


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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Great beginning, Harish! You may have to raise hell in different forums- if my experience is true..

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Yes… have posted on a few forums… but I know, there is a lot to be done. Will start promoting this as much as i can ….

  3. Akash 9 years ago

    Thanks Harish, I will circulate this in Gujarat and will try my best that you see new faces apart from my boring one 🙂

  4. Sachin 9 years ago

    Akash- Great, that you plan to be there!

  5. admin 9 years ago

    Dr. Akash, it will be a pleasure to have you here… And if more ppl from Gujrat cud come with u … then nothing like it… 🙂

  6. Anonymous 9 years ago

    I've strong desire to be one of the 20 persons attending the Goa workshop. If my exams don't fall on that date, I am sure to come. Special thanks to TISA, Mr. Sachin, Mr. Akash, and Mr. Harish and all others who are actively working in organising this.

  7. windstorm 9 years ago

    Please add 'Windstorm' at the end of the above comment. I forgot to add that. Thank you.

  8. admin 9 years ago

    Congratulations TISA and Harish, It’s pleasure and fun to be part of these workshops. I would soon attend one.. if the timing matches.

  9. admin 9 years ago

    Great Harish…
    I'll be meting you soon

  10. romiarora 9 years ago

    Gud work harish…..ur on d highway 2 success.

  11. Shaun 9 years ago

    Best wishes for the goa workshop

  12. Sachin 9 years ago

    Harish- nice to hear that 11 people have registered. Other guys (and girls)- reading this- please dont delay and register early, so that TISA can plan well and serve you better..

  13. Abhishek 9 years ago

    when d workshop will b n b'lore?

  14. Sachin 9 years ago

    @Abhishek above
    Dear Abhishek, Good question. Get in touch with Nitin and JP. They plan and implement TISA workshops, if certain conditions are met- like number of participants and a local collaborator..(and some prayers!).

  15. Akash 9 years ago

    Great Harish, seems there is a good response so far. Is there any registration from Gujarat (except me)?

  16. Abhishek 9 years ago

    how i can get in touch with Nitin and JP..

  17. admin 9 years ago

    Here are therie email ids –
    Jai Prakash Sunda – jaiprakashsunda@gmail.com
    Nitin Tomer- n.tomer@gmail.com

  18. admin 9 years ago

    Keep Talking…

  19. Andy 9 years ago


    Is there a way I can join this ?

  20. Andy 9 years ago

    Hello – can I still be a part of it ?

  21. admin 9 years ago

    Please contact Harish – 9823211467. (silentscream.21@gmail.com)


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