Dr Jhatka and natak mandli..

Today, five of us got together: Pawan, Vineet, Mukarram, Deepak and sachin. First we sang a song- then, discussed whatever we observed about our inner states of mind and physiology while singing- and how to use that consciously while talking. Then, we played back recorded video of Deepak, who was the new comer and was game for this step. Some discussion and then we gave each other handles for use in the SHG meetings: Pawan: Master Don; Vineet- Pandit; Deepak- Hero Hiralal; Mukarram- Akram; Sachin- Dr Jhatka.. Then we discussed why we chose these names. Every one had some funny reason!
Then everyone stood up and spoke formally as to what they did since morning- followed by questions from the audience. Then, a round of “Stammer well, stammer long!” game. Then, some more instructive videos of one male and one female IPWS.
Last discussion- since next Sunday sachin wont be here- alternative arrangements were made: It was decided that Pawan will conduct the meeting and Nishu will send out the sms to everyone. Finally, the feedback round.

PS: In the video above, Mukarram is practicing with JP on skype. His opening words are about why he dropped out of school after class eight ( I wonder if Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is listening? Actually listening?)


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    Oh. Mukarram left studies after class eight. 🙁
    That's really sad. It's matter of shame for our country when they spend millions towards mid day meal schemes/SSA Mission and all educational programmes.
    Nothing is more harmful to a country then any sudent's dropout.

    Hope Mukarram do great in his rest of his life and he develops a never-say-die attitude.
    Let He the almighty take care of Mukarram and all other PWS across India.

  2. Sachin 9 years ago

    Yes, Windstorm- that is the reality of our "Progress"..

  3. admin 9 years ago

    I am sure Mukarram must have learnt from the school of life as much as he would have done from any other formal school!! And I must say that all the handles are well suited but still would like to know more about the reasons that people gave for the same 🙂


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