What works, finally? AISH, YOGA !!

Ok, coming back to our topic about the turning point in my life. Well, that has to be the 1st speech therapy I attended at AISH (All India Speech and Hearing Institute). It’s a government run academy where speech pathologists and other speech related specialists get their degree from and as a part of their internship/practice, they help out cases(as they call it J) with speech related problem for a very nominal amount which in fact is “really” a very nominal one and a onetime payment process. The only problem is that the speech therapists keep on changing after every 5-6 sessions so, THAT sometimes annoys the patients as they have to start all over again with the new pathologist. But it was THERE when I was exposed to different kinds of speech management techniques. Then I went through various other courses as well (both personal therapy and online) which is a different story all together.

The other turning point which I consider which is a huge one at least for me was, when I got exposed to Yoga and meditation. I’ve recently started doing it regularly and I feel much more better after doing that, almost every single day when I wake up, early in the morning…
I’ve written whatever came to my mind but be rest assured that these words have come straight from my heart so the content is a very earnest one… (more later.)

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    (April 13, 2011 - 11:58 am)

    I agree with that. I think meditation and yoga like practises helps us to manage our stammer in an effective way..

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