Romi from Mumbai

Hello Friends – My name is Romi n m frm Mumbai. Yestrday I met Ravi* and Navin*.
Ravi wants to be an actor but he is very scared of stuttering. He is nli 22 n he is working in a BPO. Ravi has visited many speech therapists n loves wasting his money on the therapy. Yesterday i taught him speech techniques like Bouncing, Prolongation, Voluntary stuttering, Pausin n breathing techniques. After following d techniques i felt, he is very gud in maintaining eye contact but jerks a lot while speaking. He is always smiling but only wid stutterers.

On the other hand Navin is suffering a lot from stammering. He is only 20 n in sybcom. What I felt abt him- he is very determined 2 work hard. He wants to do MBA but bcuz of stammering wants 2 quit it. My advice 2 him is that if u follow d speech techniques wid proper advice n determination ul find a big change in u n life wil go 4 a toss.

According to me Stammering takes place in d mind n comes out in words. Whn v go 4 job interviews v r not confident enough 2 give our best and our prime focus is that I must not stutter- n in that process v do stutter a lot! If u stammer, then stammer wid confidence. Accept it. Dont run. We shuld b lucky 2 have a girlfriend liks stammering.The difference between stammering n ppl is tht ppl might come n go but stammering will always b der 2 support u n wil give u d courage 2 improve yourself. Instead of cursing your stammering you should work on it and motivate yourself in each n every way. V al gt 1 chance in life so v shuld nt waste tht opportunity n shuld accept it gracefully. Life is short so enjoi every phase of it.Stammering has taught me d meaning of life n has given me d strength of being patient n helpin oders.
“Haklao magar pyar se”.

(* Pseudonys to ensure privacy of these new members. Ed.)

Romi came to TISA (Dehradun) 2 yrs ago. He learned to help himself and in the true spirit of TISA, began counseling other PWS, back in Mumbai- as a true service to humanity in need. If you are in Mumbai, feel free to contact him.


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    Feels great to c a post from Mumbai after a longtime! Trying to help others will help you even more in the long run! Also if possible, do ask the SHG members (including u) to join us in Goa.

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Nice to see post from you Mr. Romi

    It helps and encourages a lot.

  3. admin 7 years ago

    hi my name is rameshbabu I am facing stammering problem from my childhood I am in Mumbai kharghar I want to meet u brother.presently I am doing MBA in itm .I am facing lot of problems in presentations.please help email id is my no 9702483177

  4. admin 7 years ago

    hi brother my name is rameshbabu I am facing stammering problem from my childhood I am in Mumbai kharghar I want to meet u please help me my id my no 9702483177 I am doing MBA in itm I facing lot of problems in presentation


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