Agenda for goa workshop

Here is the agenda for goa workshop – . Please contact Harish – 9823211467. ( in case you want to come. The workshop does not promise cure but the workshop certainly will give some good ideas to work on your communication and a chance to put these ideas into practice!

Here are a few videos from our last workshop in Pune –


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  1. Anonymous 9 years ago

    This workshop does not promise cure? Oh, what a shame!

    But on second thoughts, is there any one, any therapy which promises cure, even for Malaria?

  2. admin 9 years ago

    @Anonymous above
    What is the thing which is shameful in it?
    And why you are so harsh dear in putting up your words?
    Yes. We understand stammering can be too difficult to handle but being harsh will not cure your stammer for sure.
    You reflected Funny irony. You comfort and reason your own critical sentences. If you divert your mental abilities on positive ways then you can be next Euler , Gauss or other famous mathematicians.
    They say: All have reasoning talent BUT not equally. !!
    It goes without saying that it is true.

  3. ANKIT 9 years ago

    hi im ankit verma and here ius my new blog about stammering control techniques….have a luk…u wil definetly benefit frm that…


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