“Even though I doubt Your generosity sometimes, I will continue to trust Your love..”

“Even though I fear Your justice often, I will continue to trust Your compassion..”

“Even though I can not hear You, I will continue to call on Thee..”

“Even though I address you as my ‘Master’, in my heart of heart, I know you to be my Love, my own Self..”

“Even though I turn my face away and get lost in the world, I know, You will seek me out eventually..”

“Even though it is a long, long journey, I know when it is time to get off the train, You will hand me my ‘ticket’..”

“Even though my trials never end, Your Mercy forsakes me not..”

“Even though You have given me a mind to play with, I will seek Thee beyond mind, beyond thoughts..”

“Even though you have given me ages to carry on my play, I will seek Thee in this very moment..”

“A piece of shapeless mud, I revolve on the Potter’s wheel, waiting for Thy Touch..”

(I did not come up with these affirmations; I just received them and share here. sachin)


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  1. Anonymous 9 years ago

    i m geting stuck when speakng atendance…plz help me tisa.

  2. Sachin 9 years ago

    Dear Anonymous
    TISA can help you. Can you share your contact details? Or can you phone us at
    09412058272 ?


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