Mr A and Mr B

Imagine a scenario-Mr A and Mr B are both pws who go to the same college.At the end of the semester each student has to give a presentation about a pregiven topic.Now let us go and see both the guys’ presentation:-

We will take up Mr. A first:
Mr. A wakes up in the in the morning feeling as abysmal as ever.First thought in his mind-“Can I bunk this ????”Deep inside he knows he cant but still he likes to keep the option open by coming up with various plans.He spends a large chunk of the day brooding and cursing  and then spends some more time cursing the professor for coming up with presentation idea !!!! How unfair,he thinks !!!!(Mind you,he hasnt started his preparation even a bit).He spends most of the day thinking about the various scenarios which could happen tomorrow.Finally ,late at night he opens wikipedia and just copies the content thinking why even bother with it.He already knows whats gonna happen tomorrow.When arranging it in a presentable format,the focus is not on the quality of content but on the maximum inclusion of words he can speak with relative ease(relavant or irrelavant,doesnt matter).He completes the whole exercise in less than an hour,practices it once just for formality sakes and goes to sleep.Oh I forgot-He curses God and the professor again before drifting off !!!!!!
Enough of Mr A,now lets see what Mr B has been upto:
Mr B wakes up in the morning with anxiety.He is also nervous,very nervous for tomorrow.He freshens up and tells his anxiety to give him some rest while he gathers the contents of his speech !!!Anxiety half heartedly replies-“OK FINE !!!!!”Mr B now leaves no stone unturned in collecting the data.He browses every relevant site he can lay his eyes on.He goes to the local library to get some ideas.He even calls the professor to clear some doubts.The Anxiety on the other hand is like-“Hello !!!! I am getting bored in here !!!!!”He finally finishes after arranging it in the desired format !!!! Anxiety is thrilled now to be back again !!! But Mr B says-“Please be patient !!!!I also need to practice it a few times !!!”Anxiety sighs and replies”Ok fine ” all the while thinking how long could it possibly take.Now Mr B executes the final portion of his preparation.He practices,practices and practices some more .He practices alone,in front of a mirror,then with his dog,then goes to bother his mom and then goes to a friends house to practice with him !!!!Late at night he finally finishes being extra sure that he has done all that he could !!!!Anxiety,finally relieved says-“Can we play now ????? “Mr B just pulls the covers of his bed and says half asleep-“Are you kidding me ??? I am very tired !!! Let me sleep !!!!”Anxiety feeling very cheated decides to leave his long time friend for the night and hopes it can come some other day.But seeing Mr B’s attitude it knows they will never be the friends they used to be and after some time it may have to say goodbye to him.Mr B on the other hand sleeps like a log not before praying to God for tomorrows presentation.
Now I wont tell you what happened the next day,you probably know that but I can tell you that after the presentation the expression on both of their faces were quite contrasting !!!!! Thanx for bearing up with such a long story !!! Before I forget I would like to share a quote with you which probably will have a long lasting effect on me for life-Success and Excuses never go hand in hand !!!! See ya !!!!
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

4 thoughts on “Mr A and Mr B

    rahul raut dessai

    (April 25, 2011 - 3:11 pm)

    WOW………..excellent job.
    the entire story is very well framed in two parts and finally finished by asking a question.
    Mr. dhruv, i must say you are a very good writer and i wont be surprised to hear that you have won an essay writing competition someday…….till then "ALL THE BEST" and keep writing.


    (April 25, 2011 - 3:12 pm)

    Yes preparation is the best antidote to anxiety..The problem is most PWS (young ones especially) are so caught up with their stammering experience that they never realize that such possibilities are out there- just waiting..


    (April 25, 2011 - 3:39 pm)

    A great write up mr.dhruva
    Indeed, an intensive level preparation helps to tackle the things smoothly.
    Really inspiring.


    (April 26, 2011 - 3:48 am)

    Dhruv, a great way to show the mirror to a lot of us! Keep motivating us!!

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