Herbertpur Workshop 2-9 May

At the initiative of a group from Gwalior (thanks to Rajendra Sharma), TISA is organising a Communication workshop in Herbertpur (near Dehradun) from 2nd May. It will be five days (2-6 May) but some Gwalior participants will be staying on till 9th May. They may plan to attend a one day workshop in Chandigarh, if Chandigarh chapter is ready by then. Format of the wokrshop will be same as our previous workshops: participatory, interactive and lot of movies & popcorns! Arrive in Herbertpur by 9 am, 2nd May. Get in touch with sachin if you have a question. (satksri@gmail.com, 09412058272)

2nd May
9.30 – 12.30 pm: Welcome, Introductions, Expectations; clips from Unspeakable movie
2.30-5 pm : Bouncing & eye contact in group, then with strangers

3rd May
9.30 – 12.30pm: Recap- bouncing; intro to prolongation and good body language; Movie: Courage to Speak
2.30 – 5 pm : Stammering Ice-berg exercise; Interveiw within the group using Bouncing/ prolongation; Mutual Video recroding and sharing
6-7 pm: Market assignments in pair

4th May
9.30-12.30pm: Recap Bouncing and prolongation; Intro- pausing and VS. Movie: The King’s Speech
2.30- 5 pm: Stammering Interveiws with strangers. Debriefing.
6-7 pm: Market assignments in pair

5th May
9.30-12.30pm: Recap all four techniques. Movie: Rocket science/ Front of the Class or other, depending on audience.
2.30- 5 pm: Role of motivation in recovery; problem of relapse; How to maintain recovery in the long run. How to give a good presentation? Topics to be given.

6th May
9.30- 12.30 pm: Formal presentation on given topics by participants (video graphy and review)
2.30- 5 pm: Movie: courage to speak. Individual (2 way) Feedback. Exchange contact info and arrangements for ongoing support. Concluding session with Anugrah functionaries.

Following 2 events are optional & may interchange, depending on the possibility of conference in Chandigarh.
7th May: One day trek to Bhadraj- Mussoorie. (optional)
8th May: One day conference in Chandigarh. (optional)

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Post Author: Sachin

4 thoughts on “Herbertpur Workshop 2-9 May


    (April 24, 2011 - 8:17 am)

    Great to hear another workshop waiting to happen after the successful running of Goa workshop.
    Will try to give this workshop as much as exposure as possible.
    Special thanks and wishes to TISA for everything.
    Long live TISA !!


    (April 24, 2011 - 5:30 pm)

    I will make sure I attend this one,anyone from chandigarh is welcome to join me !!!!!!


    (April 30, 2011 - 6:50 pm)

    Can I come a day late,I hv got a last minute thing I cant miss !!!!


    (May 1, 2011 - 7:37 am)

    @Dhruva: You may- but you will be missing some fun!

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