Day 3 CommWS HB

We took our acceptance to next level today: we put on the T shirts with a message: Stammer- with love (in Hindi)! (and then went to town! I mean, Dehradun)
Then, the group was suddenly taken to a meeting of the host organization, and was asked to thank them formally, one by one, using their techniques. Then,we shared a case study about relationships and how they can influence our acceptance. We also reviewed some of the videos of the participants.
Then we went to Samagra (Dehradun) and gave a presentation to Canadian students about stammering: suddenly the stammerers were turned into Experts, as it were.. Every one had lot of fun. Anubhav sang, Reekrit gave a gist of Freud’s contribution to Psychology. Umesh Rawat gave a formal presentation on “Active server pages” (he is doing M.Tech, from Bhiwani, this is why, he was given this topic suddenly.). Dr Kshitiz and Vijay also joined us and enriched the interactions. We closed the serious discussions with a funny video: Art of stuttering.
As we drove back to Herbertpur, we discussed what have we learned from the various events of the day.. and it was lots. Sachin too received a feedback on his presentation skills…

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    (May 5, 2011 - 4:54 am)

    So everything is in top gear now!! Great T-shirts btw 😉

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