Day 4- last day, CommWS, HBT

Community college, housed in Anugrah building was conducting an entrance interview today for its courses meant for school dropouts. So, the participants practiced making “cold call” kind of interveiws with “perfect” strangers. They also tackled the challenge of wearing the tea shirts with messages, which attracted attention and questions. Later, they did a role play in front of this mixed audience- a big challenge. Later, they were given mock interviews by the expert panel of community college. Around 4 pm we dispersed. Since some participants had to leave, we concluded the workshop today. We parted with a decision to get together again for a refresher.


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    I m sure it must have been fun filled 4 days and lot of learnings for both the participants and Dr Sachin! The REAL challenge starts now when we go out in the REAL world! Good luck guys!

  2. JD 9 years ago

    wow…great pictures,,really nice to see so much effort..gud luck to u..!!

  3. Anonymous 9 years ago

    one of my frnd makes fun of me by sayng hakla to me infrnt of oders everytime…n whole gp start to laugh…since i ve aceptd stmrng..n i dont feel bad..but smtimes it hurts…i dont know wat to do…

  4. Sachin 9 years ago

    Dear Anon- what would you do, if someone made fun of things you hold dear- like your caste name, your religious identity or your mother tongue? Obviously you will not go to blows if YOU think it is within acceptable limits; but if goes beyond, I am sure, you will make a protest. Same applies in this case to. If it is within acceptable limits, ignore it; if not, protest; and go physical, if needed. Bullies are known to be great cowards. At the first sign of opposition, they back out…

    Remember, whatever is the outcome, making a protest is your birth right, stammer or no stammer.


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