A good day to you dear friends.

Today while conversing with my office colleague’s one of them cornered me and asked a question. He was quite careful in his approach as it seemed it might trigger some uneasiness in me, his 2 year old baby who started speaking very early and speak single alphabets or words brilliantly is finding it difficult to speak on the first syllable of word of a sentence. He is taking more time and using fillers like ummm ahhhh while speaking the first word of the sentence. So he wanted me to advice him how he can help his child. I advised him not to worry as mostly all children’s start stuttering initially. Most of them recover themselves without any professional and parental help when there speech motor matured fully and some need professional help like SLP and parent guidance to come out of it and the remaining like me stutter till their adulthood and it remains all their life. With some more suggestions, I mailed him a book named “The Child who stutters – To the pediatrician” that is available on TISA book archival. He thanked me in return I hope and pray to god that his child will come out of it.

Similarly an another incidence.. a few weeks ago I have been transferred in another department, although my new boss is a happy kind of person.. but he is tall, has good personality and he speak so fast (and all these traits interrupt my speech even more..dont know why..:( )..on our first interaction I stutter a lot while matching his fast was really embarrassing for me to have a horrible first interaction ..after that I was repeatedly thinking about that incident and all the times thinking about that incident pissed me off, it changes my behavior at home and office and I was gone into depression because for next 3 to 4 meetings I stutter severally with the new boss. I thought it will be better not to complicate it more, I told my boss .. I have a speech problem and with you i stutter even more because of your fast speech… sorry I can’t help it..he admit too that he speak very fast as he himself told by his friends..he told that he had a colleague who also stutter too..and he advice me to speak slowly…and told me my stuttering is not an issue for him..I still stutter with him but without any inner fear.

I have many more such experiences but the crux of all is same…may be exposing your stutter can help guide/make the life of many kids who just start stuttering.

I hope some of you guys must have also experienced similar situations. Share them on blog and encourage others to not hide from stuttering.

Thanks you for reading it..God bless you all my friends.
Best Regards
Kishore Bisht


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    Well done Kishore! U write direct from your heart! Also ask him to check out this video for parents – and he can buy a lot of good material from the Stuttering foundation of america to educate himself and help his child! you can also ask him to check out – . Keep the good work going

  2. admin 9 years ago

    nice kishore ..i enjoyed ur write up.
    and ur help to that kid is admirable.

  3. Sachin 9 years ago

    Dear Kishore- you are doing a great work- your life too is shaping out beautifully, I can see..
    Keep it up and keep sharing your wisdom..

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Yes again i told myself. not to worry,ask question,s when ask to be. i wish all parents shld find person like kishore.

  5. SUPERSANDESH 9 years ago

    from the blog check out this line

    "…..I still stutter with him but without any inner fear…"

    cool man , I like this ….easy way !

    I wish you success .!

  6. Anonymous 9 years ago

    daro to sirf jeet se…taki hume jeet par guman na ho..aur haar se kya darna bhai..vo to hume kuch sikhati hai…face dar n live like a man…

  7. Anonymous 9 years ago

    never think u r nt lyk others…but think dat others r not like u..


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