Chandigarh workshop

So finally after a loooooong wait, TISA conducted its first one day awareness meet in Chandigarh on 8th May 2011! Nitin and Sikander from Delhi Chapter, reached here on Saturday afternoon! Three of us went out in the evening, drank a few beers, roamed around, drove on the famous Gedi route before having a late dinner at Katanis! Next day people started coming in by 9.30 am…We formed small groups for casual talk and discuss a few things! I joined two young boys in their teens and played a few games with them, while two more parents joined us! Herbertpur group too joined us by 10.45 am. We started by dividing ourselves into two groups, one consisting of young children and parents, AND the other one consisted of adult stammerers. Sachin too joined us after attending to all the parents and their concerns! We had a fun-filled day of sharing a lot of experiences from our lives, singing (The kind of talent we saw, we may be forming our own band – TISA rockstars :-), Reekrit sang a beautiful song dedicated to his mom who was also present!), a great role play by Reekrit and his mom, delicious lunch at Katanis, positive strokes, an open house where Sachin answered a lot of questions. We parted by 4.45 pm after exchanging contacts details and almost all of us pledging to support the cause of TISA and raising awareness about stammering in the society!

TISA would like to thank Mr Jasbir Singh, Principal of SANT ISHER SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL, Mr Sourabh Singh Manak, parents, young children and all the participants for making this workshop a great success!!


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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Dr Kshitiz, Pawan, Kumar Kundan and I myself had lot of fun yesterday..
    We tried to deal with difficult question of the final outcome- is there a cure? or just good management? No easy answers. But I am sure as we walk along with each other, we may find our own individual answers, which will bring fulfillment ultimately.

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Thanks JP for being an excellent host 🙂

    I too had a great time both on Saturday (matargashti in Chandigarh) and on Sunday (the workshop).

    Looking forward to the communication workshop in Chandigarh.


  3. admin 8 years ago

    Keep up the Good work.
    The only reason a stammerer feels offended about his ailment is "lack of awareness".
    There is very less awareness about Stammering in the society, people still think it is because problem in the tongue or Larynx, and can be solved by keeping stones under the tongue.
    If there's awareness, then stammerers would not be humiliated in school, college and work.
    We should do everything possible to increase awareness, and research with our speech motor system to find out better methods of speaking fluently.
    Thank you TISA.

  4. Pawan Sharma 8 years ago

    i would like to thanks sachin sir,jasbir sir,nitin tomar,jp,and all members of tisa who organised such a meeting in chd… it was my first time when i joined such type of SHG….I enjoyed it lot…….pawan sharma solan(H.P.)

  5. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Thanks TISA for organizing such a nice event. Looking forward to participate in future events too.

  6. admin 8 years ago

    It was my dream to organise a TISA workshop in Chandigarh, which became a realty on 8th May. Thanks to Dr. Sachin, JP,Nitin, Sikander, Kshitiz,Dhruv, Ishan, Mohit,Pawan, Balbir,Ashish,Lalit,Kumar Kundan,Anubhav,Reekrit and all those who participated & made the workshop a success.We learn by meeting and sharing personal experiences only. It was a great day for me and I personally gained a lot.
    Looking forward to organise such more meets in chandigarh for which I solicit your support.Suggestions and comments for value additions in the workshop are welcome.

  7. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Thanks J and Jasbir sir for organizing such a wonderful event in Chandigarh. It was a great experience and privilege for me to participate in the event. I learnt and enjoyed a lot. Thanks Nitin for making it happen for me as without your company, I would not have made plan to go there. Once again , Thanks JP for making us see the places in Chandigarh.



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