Yesterday, i had a presentation..It was worst the one..i was totally freezed.i didn’t know why this happens..i had practiced it many was my 1st presentation after taking speech therapy.
earlier,i have given 3 presentations.i didn’t stammered so much in those presentations..but yesterday was a nightmare for me..i’m really frustrated and depressed..what should i do…?????????


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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Dear Rajesh
    If you try to deal with stammering as – dealing with one bad presentation once in six months, chances are it wont work. Why? because a bad presentation is just the tip of the iceberg. Sooner or later, you must deal with the WHOLE of the iceberg. Sooner the better. And accepting that "I am facing a serious and big problem" is the first step in that direction..

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Please remember giving up is really very bad.Do not give up your dream just because the working on it is getting too difficult.Someone said, One way to get rid of this is to give up on the need to give up when the going gets too tough.

  3. Vinay 8 years ago

    Your aim should not be that u have to give presentation without stammering, or without being getting noticed that u stammered.

    Fix your aim that u have to deliver the audience the ur content.However it be. Who cares, if u stammered… or took little more time or struggled… Important is that u have presented ur content. Don't focus on stammering, focus on that u are going to say…. stammering is OK.

  4. rahul raut dessai 8 years ago

    dont worry,it happens to most of us………..even i have stammered in presentations…..
    only thing i can say is, "move ahead" thinking it as learning experience………….who knows one day u might be a great ORATOR(public speaker).
    dont hesitate to call anybody from TISA just to make yourself relaxed and being heard, this is the time when tisa and shg makes a lot of difference…..u may call me if u want 980941929….

  5. admin 8 years ago

    Focus on content, Stammering is OK.
    Carry on with the therapy and practice . Results come, when you don't know.

  6. Vaibhav Talegaonkar 8 years ago

    Dear Rajesh

    Sometimes i feel the same as you are thinking but next day feel that i should work hard to overcome from this.You should talk to Sachin sir, JP and other members when u feel Bad.Always remember "If you can dream it You can do it"

  7. Anon 8 years ago

    Buddy, be happy it is over. I have one next week, my first client presentation, for which i will be travelling abroad. I tried to reason with my boss but there is more than what I have been made to understand 🙂 I have become religious … because science is useless when it comes to stammering 🙂

    Watch out for a post next week.

  8. admin 8 years ago

    This reminded me of my days of my teachers training course when it was really hard for me to give my practice lessons in front of collegian boys and girls. And I used to block on words like hell!!!!
    But this did not prevent me to become a pro teacher.
    So, don't give up.
    Keep trying and you'll rock the earth !!!!!
    Keep going. Keep in touch by writing your experiences here.
    Good luck.

  9. admin 8 years ago

    The best option is call a TISA member and share your feelings.If you share your feelings, it will reduce to half. No short cut way for stammerers.

  10. admin 8 years ago

    this same thing happen with me also rajesh. i never get a block during presentation call in my student life. it is always easy to say "yes sir" for me.i always feel myself lucky , but when i start working on my speech then i found my stammering become so much worst that i start to block on the word yes sir also. this is because now we are hitting our weak areas and it makes us more depressed. but keep working. hamra time bhi aayega.


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